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Date: 06/07/2006
Subject: [ServletExec] JSTL 1.0 and Servlet 2.4
I have identical web applications on two separate servers, both running
ServletExec 5.0 with the latest (May 2006) hotfix.  Both web
applications use JSTL 1.0 tag libraries.  One is on Java 1.4.2, the
other on Java 1.5.  The web application running Java 1.5 has a Servlet
2.4 declaration in the web.xml, the other will not work unless I use a
Servlet 2.3 declaration.  The error I get when using a Servlet 2.4
declaration is:

"attribute value cannot have a request time expression value"

I get this error in the ServletExec logs when I try to run the following

<%@taglib prefix="c"                                               
<c:set var="myName" value="john"/>
<c:out value="${myName}"/>

That convoluted introduction leads me to my two questions:

1. Is JSTL 1.0 / Servlet 2.4 a supported configuration in ServletExec?
2. How does ServletExec's processing of JSTL differ when inside a
Servlet 2.3 webapp as opposed to a Servlet 2.4 webapp?  The most
confusing thing for me is that the Servlet 2.4 / JSTL 1.0 setup works on
the other machine (in fact, there are others as well on the network with
slightly different web application configurations which also work with
the Servlet 2.4 / JSTL 1.0 setup).  I can't help but think there _must_
be some difference in the configuration of the applications, I just
can't determine what that difference might be.

Thanks for the help.

John Fletcher
Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.
Head Office: 204 Market Square Victoria, BC Canada V8W 3C6
Tel: (250) 381-8130 Fax: (250) 381-8132 

Geocortex Internet Mapping ( - Helping people succeed
with web-based geography

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