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Date: 09/27/2005
Subject: RE: [ServletExec] Java Web Services on SE 5.0
> Ah, so you are using the -root option in your
> start script to tell your ASI that
> C:/ServletExec AS/se-GIFT/jsps
> is the document root of the webapp named "default-app".
> Now I understand.
> It is good that you use a subfolder of the
> se-GIFTS folder since otherwise, people could
> request your SE configuration files or log files.
> Also, your subject line indicates that you are using SE 5.0.
> If that is so, then you do not need the following
> 2 lines in your file:
> ---
> servletexec.GIFT.applications=/example
> servletexec.GIFT.aliases=/servlet,.shtml,.jsp
> ---
> You should remove those lines.
> They are not being read in by the adapter.
> With SE 5.0, those lines are obsolete.
I noticed that there is a file in
both Inetpub/scripts and in SE's config folder. Are 
both necessary?

> You may want to read:
> for more details.
Thanks, I did.

> To configure the application, you just go to the
> SE admin pages and on the left, click the "Manage"
> link under the "Web Applications" heading.
> Then click the "Add web application" button and
> type in a name for the application, a context path
> of "/axis" (no quotes) and then give the absolute
> path on the hard drive for the location.
> For example, on my machine... I unzipped the
> example to the "My Documents folder", giving me:
> C:\Documents and Settings\matt\My Documents\axis_example
> Running all the batch files as you did is what
> populates the webapp with the classes and JARs that are needed.
> So then the location to enter in the admin UI would be:
> C:\Documents and Settings\matt\My Documents\axis_example\webapp
> Basically it is the same as deploying any webapp...
> you point SE to the folder that contains the
> WEB-INF folder for that webapp.
> Voila... it's configured (i.e. deployed) in SE.
Woo hoo! I just created a test_axis configuration! Though I expected it
to copy the relevant files under the se-GIFT instance (at C:\ServletExec
AS\se-GIFT). If I had wanted the files under this folder, could I have
copied ...\axis_example\webapp\* to C:\ServletExec AS\se-GIFT\webapp\*,
then provided the absolute path of C:\ServletExec AS\se-GIFT\webapp
instead of C:\Java\axis_example\webapp?

I found it modified the C:\ServletExec
AS\se-GIFT\ServletExecData\default\application.xml file to include the
new context information, so I guess you can point your context somewhere
else using this file instead of using the admin client to recreate the

I think the main reason this all confuses me so much is that I use a
different method to deploy. When I deploy, first I use the SE
installation executable to create a new SE instance. Then I plop my jar
file with any servlet code into a lib folder and my jsps into a jsps
folder. Then I modify the StartServletExec.bat file to include the jsps
folder and jar file in my classpath. I never use the Browser based SE
Admin interface to deploy and don't seem to have any URL contexts except
the ones the new instance provides by default (the default and
servletexec contexts). Heck, I don't really even know what a URL context
IS, though I suspect it is to allow different web apps to run in a
single SE instance (you must have shaked your head at me when I admitted
that). Whenever I want a new context, I just create a new instance as
its own island - no need to split functionality between contexts if each
instance is dedicated to a single context. This works for us since we
really do want our projects on different IPs and isolated from each

What is the URL context of files under the
.../se-GIFT/webapps/default/default-app folder? How would I use this
folder to deploy a servlet (assuming a jar file contains the servlet
classes) or a jsp? As I mentioned, currently I hardwire the paths to
these files into the ServletExecStart.bat file. Is this non-standard
behavior? Should I be placing my jsps and servlet code under this
default-app folder?

I did have some problems though. I got this error message a number of
WARNING: Unable to find required classes (javax.activation.DataHandler
and javax.mail.internet.MimeMultipart). Attachment support is disabled. 
Is this important or can I ignore it?

Also the step:

 - Invoke bin\deploy-web-service....

Produced the error:
Exception: AxisFault
faultCode: {}HTTP
faultString: (405)Method not allowed
       {}:return code:                                                          
&gt;HTTP/1.1 405
Method not

Any idea what that is all about? I suspect it has to do with the
following lines in the deploy.wsdd file:


since the url "" does not exist.      
your example needs a correction? What can I use instead of this value?

> You should then be able to use the standalone
> client that comes with that example to access
> the webservice that's available in that newly
> deployed webapp.
> The exampleWebApp that comes with SE might be a
> simpler place to start, just to learn about a
> webapp, how to deploy it, and how one works.
> The SE 5.0 User Guide discusses the exampleWebApp.
> Matt McGinty
> Software Engineer
> New Atlanta Communications, LLC
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