Application Server Solutions for Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET
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BlueDragon Email Support Information

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Purchasing Premium Support: To purchase a Premium Support contract, or for additional information on Online or Premium Support, please send email to: Sales

Paid Email Support

Available to BlueDragon Online and Premium Support customers, Email Support gives you direct one-to-one access to our Technical Support Engineering team via email.

Response times for Online Support customers are within one business day (24-hours). Response times for Premium Support customers are within four business hours.

More detailed information on Online and Premium Support services can be viewed in the Support Options section of this website.

FREE Self-Help Mailing List

In addition to the paid email support, New Atlanta also staffs the free Bluedragon-Interest mailing list.

For more information on that and other free self-help resources, see the BlueDragon Self-Help section under Products, which contains various online resources to help you install, configure, use and deploy BlueDragon.

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