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Integrating ServletExec 5.0 with ArcIMS

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Which version of ServletExec is right for me?

These instructions apply only to ServletExec 5.x with ArcIMS 9.0, using Microsoft IIS web server on the Windows operating system. Instructions for integrating other versions of ServletExec and ArcIMS can be found here.

The instructions at this website are provided by New Atlanta Communications.
In addition to these instructions, Esri provides its own steps for installation and configuration of ServletExec and ArcIMS.
For ServletExec 5.x ISAPI on Windows 2003 (IIS 6) and ArcIMS 9.0 click here.
For ServletExec 5.x ISAPI on Windows with IIS 4 or IIS 5 and ArcIMS 9.0 click here.
A listing of all such Esri knowledge base articles can be found here.

Installing ArcIMS 9.0:

Detailed installation information (including screenshots) can be found in the ArcIMS 9.0 Installation Guide found on the ArcIMS 9.0 Installation CD. The specific file on the CD is /Documentation/Install.htm. The Introduction chapter contains a section entitled "5 steps to getting ArcIMS up and running" which gives a good overview.

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