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JTurbo Technical Support

This Self-Help section contains various online resources to help you install, configure, use and deploy JTurbo.

  • JTurbo FAQ
    A searchable knowledge base of common questions, with answers provided by our technical support and development engineers.
  • JTurbo-Interest Mailing List
    This mailing list acts as the main forum for product information and news, as well as for your JTurbo-related questions and comments. A searchable archive is provided.
  • JTurbo Documentation
    Access JTurbo's Installation Guide, User Guide, CFML Compatibility Guide and Release Notes.
  • JTurbo Bug Tracking
    Search the bug database. Enter a new bug. "Listen" for changes to existing bugs. Interact with the support engineer assigned to the bug.
  • JTurbo Feature Request
    Give your input - submit features you would like to see included in future releases of JTurbo.
  • Other Resources
    Links to external resources of interest to database administrators and Java developers accessing SQL Server via JDBC.
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