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Product Name: BlueDragon 6.2.1 for J2EE Servers (Any)
Hotfix Name: BlueDragon_621_J2EE_Hotfix_Jul_2006
Created: 07/27/2006
File Size: 2.00 MB
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Description: Build 6,2,1,311
Release Notes
BlueDragon 6.2.1 Release Notes

Build 6,2,1,311 - 07/20/06
- fixed #2490: issues with numeric precision and the round function with longs
- fixed #2491: CFIMAP error when reading mail with charset "us-asci"
- BlueDragon 6.2.1 July 2006 hotfix

Build 6,2,1,310 - 07/05/06
- fixed #2465: Receive IO exceptions with Oracle 10g RAC environment
- fixed #2478: invoking Java methods that vary only by return type
- fixed #2424: getTimeZoneInfo doesn't report the correct data for ECT timezone

Build 6,2,1,309 - 06/26/06
- additional work on #2393: Denial of Service vulnerability

Build 6,2,1,308 - 06/06/06
- fixed #2393: BlueDragon is vulnerable to a Denial of Service (DoS)
- fixed #2459: CFERROR handling within NewAtlanta.BlueDragon.CfmPage
- fixed #2461: Cross-Site scripting vulnerability
- fixed #2464: BD.NET initialization errors

Build 6,2,1,307 - skipped

Build 6,2,1,306 - 05/18/06
- fixed #2446: BD.NET sending base64 encoded multipart when it should be quoted-printable

Build 6,2,1,305 - 05/02/06
- performance: revisit fix for bug #1793
- performance enhancements for displaying query results
- fixed #2354: bug in parsing of comments ending with "<--->"
- fixed #2355: IS NULL in query of queries now behaves correctly
- fixed #2359: Invoking non-constructor "init" method on Java object instance
- fixed #2360: Failure to invoke implemented interface method when superclass
              also implements same interface method
- fixed #2363: database nulls need to be output as empty strings for CFML2WDDX
- fixed #2357: EmptyStackException with debug output enabled and rethrown exception
- fixed #2365: case-sensitivity of CFLDAP attributes
- fixed #2366: CFFILE ACTION="READ" fails with uploaded files on BD JX
- fixed #2367: Form submission from PDF document doesn't work
- fixed #2368: CFFILE actions other than UPLOAD overwrite CFFILE variable
- fixed #2369: GetTempDirectory() value needs to end with file separator
- added initial support for MySql 5.0 stored procedures
- fixed #2381: QoQ LIKE condition behaviour with '%.'
- fixed #2387: display better error message when the bluedragon.xml is corrupt
- fixed #2390: Numberformat with mask "_" results in Internal Server error
- fixed #2394: NullPointerException when CFMAIL attachment is an unrecognised mime-type
- fixed bug causing .asmx web services to fail when called from same IIS web app
- fixed #2398: CFMAIL fails to set TYPE correctly when it's an unrecognised type
- fixed #2397: content-type is now automatically set to text/xml when making a CFHTTP 
              POST with a cfhttpparam type="xml" body
- fixed #2410: getting all sessions within an application
- fixed #2407: causing xmlsearch to fail on xml documents with namespaces
- added exception handling for exceptions thrown by reader.NextResult()
- fixed #2391: unexpected error when cfcol header contains a single quote
- fixed #2395: no longer strip html from text/header when producing a non-html table in CFTABLE
- fixed #2396: no longer insert tabs between columns in CFTABLE
- fixed #2431: web services missing support for out and in/out parameters

Build 6,2,1,304 - skipped

Build 6,2,1,303 - 03/17/06
- fixed #2375: CFINCLUDE of JSP pages on WebLogic 8.1
- fixed #2377: CFMAIL: incorrect default mimetype used for word doc attachment
- fixed #2353: CFMAILPARAM TYPE attribute value was ignored

Build 6,2,1,302 - 02/24/06
- additional fix for #2193: cfhttp resolving of href="." urls
- BlueDragon 6.2.1 March 2006 hotfix

Build 6,2,1,301 - 02/23/06
- fix stray NPEs in BD.NET and WLS caused by getRealPath() changes
- fixed 2343: bug in CFML comment parsing

Build 6,2,1,300 - 02/21/06
- fixed #2284 - successive cfindex updates were not working when indexing files
- fixed bug #2334: With WLS 9.2, invoking CFCs fails
- fixed bug #2328: cfinsert / date error on BD 6.2.1
- fixed bug #2332: Stored procedure in/out character params are not returned properly
- fixed #2329: QoQ result query no longer includes table name if column specifies it in the SELECT
- fixed bug #2333: PostgreSQL types abstime and reltime cannot be displayed
- support accessing .NET properties using the syntax "obj.<property name>"
- fixed #2327: allow recursive CFINCLUDEs
- fixed #2335: <cfheader name="content-type" .../> fails to set the header unless cased as                   
- fixed #2315: extra whitespace after CFCONTENT RESET="Yes"
- fixed CFTRY-CFCATCH bug; incorrect identification of CFCATCH in multi-threaded environments
- fixed CFSWITCH bug; losing CFCASE entries in multi-threaded environments
- remove extraneous initialization/rotated messages from log files
- fixed getRealPath() issue with BD Server and JX in multi-host environment
- admin console tweaks for BEA WebLogic edition

Build 6,2,1,299 - skipped

Build 6,2,1,298 - 02/14/06
- corrected portion of fix for #2324: invalid ValueList() results

Build 6,2,1,297 - 02/08/06
- fixed bug #2234: INOUT stored proc parameters with Oracle on BD.NET
- fixed bug #2326: With BD.NET, stored procedure INOUT parameters are truncated

Build 6,2,1,296 - 02/06/06
- fixed #2312: scheduled tasks won't run in java version of bluedragon
- fixed #1712: support for indirect invocation of JavaBeans get/set methods
- fixed #2323: Query of query doesn't sort null values correctly
- fixed #2324: invalid ValueList() results

Build 6,2,1,295 - 02/01/06
- additional fix for #2193: cfhttp generates StackOverFlowException when resolveurl="yes"

Build 6,2,1,294 - 02/01/06
- temporary fix for bug #2301 - <cflogin> does not work across a cluster (syndicated sessions)
- fixed #2289: With BD.NET using ASP.NET sessions, loginStorage="session" fails if
 the State Server  or SQL Server is used to stored session data
- fixed #2293: form scope inline:  if enctype is multipart cfdump form is empty
- fixed #2292: major improvement in comment parsing
- fixed #2300: With SQL Server, cannot use double quotes in SQL statements
- fixed #2303: bug with valuelist on cfwddx created queries containing nulls
- fixed #2298: BlueDragon chokes on boolean with padding at the end
- fixed #2305: BD.NET fails with MySql types unsigned smallint, unsigned int and
 unsigned bigint
- fixed #2286: numberformat issue with spaces between negative symbol and numeric
- fixed #2306: BD.NET does not support the functions QueryDeleteRow and Render
- fixed #2309: <cflogin> idletimeout attribute should be ignored
- fixed #2297: GetMetaData does not work with an empty argument
- fixed #2310: don't write bluedragon.xml if marked read-only
- fixed #2270: single quotes in CFC function attibute "access"
- add debugging code for #2311: NPE in query-of-queries
- fixed #2288: passing ubyte[] to .NET method
- fixed #2316: GetClientVariablesList generates Internal Server Error when client
 mgmt disabled

Build 6,2,1,293 - skipped

Build 6,2,1,292 - 01/17/06
- proper handling of admin.bda in fix for #2282

Build 6,2,1,291 - skipped

Build 6,2,1,290 - 01/16/06
- fixed #1742: With JDK 1.3, CreateDateTime returns the wrong time
- fixed #2278: With BD.NET, using arrays with .NET reflection will fail sometimes
- fixed #2282: virtual (sub)directories cause wrong Application.cfm to be served
- fixed #2285: CF5-compatible client data in Oracle datasource causes runtime error
 if all client variables are deleted (or if none are set)
- add BEA WebLogic branding and licensing support

Build 6,2,1,288 and 289 - skipped

Build 6,2,1,287 - 01/03/06
- fixed #2263: CFCOMPONENT OUTPUT="No" causes ASP.NET session cookie not to be set
- BlueDragon 6.2.1 Final Release (.NET)

Build 6,2,1,286 - 12/18/05
- fixed #2250: With BD.NET, CFIMAP fails to return email bodies
- fixed CFMAPPING on UNIX/Linx (#2251)
- fixed #2241: call to getMetaData(this) within CFC pseudo-constructor
- fixed #2252: The isDefined function returns false for DB null values 
- fixed #2239: ValueList function ignores GROUP BY clause in QofQ
- fixed #2243: StructFindKey incorrectly returns empty array
- BlueDragon 6.2.1 Final Release (Server/JX/J2EE)

Build 6,2,1,285 - 12/07/05
- added support for Sybase ADO.NET provider
- fixed #2228: Error reporting that conversion from money to varchar can't happen.
 NOTE: this was a problem with CF_SQL_MONEY that was specific to Sybase.
- fixed #2224: issue with query of queries and cfqueryparam containing int list
- added support for Oracle 10g Release 2
- fixed #2232: BD/Java with Oracle 8, insert of nvarchar2 type fails
- fixed #1609: Using the Oracle Thin driver and <cfqueryParam>, NCLOB inserts fail
- fixed #2231: internal server error if empty string passed as delimiter to ListGetAt()
- fixed #2237: internal server error for CFHTTP

Build 6,2,1,284 - 12/01/05
- fixed #2218: make "cferror" scope available in global error handler configured via
 the BD admin console, as it is for CFERROR-defined error handlers
- fixed #2211: remove Free Memory and Total Memory from BD.NET admin console
- fixed #2227: cfpop now handles emails with text/enriched parts
- fix quirks with CF5-compatible client data and Oracle 8 (BD.NET)

Build 6,2,1,283 - 11/29/05
- fixed #2187: LSDateformat now parses dates in the format "2005-10-05" and "5 Oct 2005"
- fixed #2189: CFHTTP now treats response of type "application/xml" as text
- fixed #2178: properly handling of CFHTMLHEAD within <cf:inline/> ASP.NET custom control
- fixed #2194: improved performance of replaceNoCase function
- fixed #2197: detect missing or invalid (older) version of JTurbo.jar during initialization
- fixed #2185: cfexecute - spaces in arguments attribute causes Internal Server Error
- fixed #2196: With BD.NET, after a web app restart web services fail
- fixed #2198: corrected output for numberformat(0,"00")
- fixed #2193: cfhttp generates StackOverFlowException when resolveurl="yes"
- fixed #2206: add support for CGI.SERVER_PORT_SECURE variable
- fixed #2207: fix Internal Server Error in BD.NET when copying query to request scope
- fixed #2208: unnamed columns returned from stored procedures are named "Computed_Column_N"
- fixed #2209: strip trailing semi-colon from SQL query strings
- fixed #2210: proper handling of CFABORT and runtime errors within Missing Template Handler
- fixed #2215: CFRETHROW within CFFUNCTION causes BD Internal Server Error
- provide additional exception information in debug output
- fixed #2212: exception handling error in Mach II
- fixed #2214: lstimeformat/timeformat format argument now case insensitive
- fixed #2220: trim whitespace from CFXML body before parsing
- fixed #2176: custom tag within CFOUTPUT after CFSETTING ENABLECFOUTPUTONLY="YES"
- fixed #2223: CFCATCH-CFRETHROW-CFCATCH of exception within CFFUNCTION call
- fixed #2219: illegal path in FileExists causes internal server error (BD.NET)

Build 6,2,1,282 - skipped

Build 6,2,1,281 - 10/27/05
- fix #2174: exception variable now stored in local scope
- fix #2167: bug with CFSELECT multiple=no
- avoid NPE when reloading CFC file after file cache flush (#2166)
- fixed #1544: bug in numberformat when using mask "___,___.00"
- fixed #2175: BD .NET 2.0 now properly handles DateTime timezones and Nullables
- fixed #2181: arraySwap now supports swapping when indices are in decreasing order
- fixed #2182: With BD.NET 1.1, the cfpop tag will globally change the timezone id to GMT
- fixed #2183: arrayappend from one node to another within the same document does not copy
 the node

Build 6,2,1,279 to 280 - skipped

Build 6,2,1,278 - 10/23/05
- implement CF5-compatible client data storage (experimental)
- fix #2159: CFC base component is now identified by "WEB-INF.cftags.component"
- fix #2156: avoid NPE when invalid SRCFILE specified for CFIMAGE on BD.NET
- fix bug with XmlSearch() on BD.NET (#2161)
- populate tagcontext and other cfcatch fields for SQL errors (#2154)
- fix #2158: xml parse warnings no longer appear in the bluedragon.log, only errors
- fixed namespace collision between 'ArrayOfAnyType' and 'System.Object[]' on .NET 2.0
- fix #2166: CFCs loaded from the local directory via unqualified name now display the fully
 qualified name in the CFC metadata
- updated server side web service rountines to gracefully handle marshalling of any type of object
- renamed axis.jar to axis-bd621.jar as it now contains BD's server-config.wsdd/client-config.wsdd
- fix #2163: Some server variables need to be read-only
- fix #2169: Assigning multi-dimensional array results in duplicate array with wrong number  
 of dimensions
- properly handle UDF defined within CFINCLUDE invoked from custom tag rendered within
 component function (#2170)
- allow CFINCLUDE of a component (.cfc) file (#2171)

Build 6,2,1, - 10/14/05
- fix #1894: DEFAULT attribute takes precedence over REQUIRED attribute in CFARGUMENT
- create up to 10 "rollover" backups of bluedragon.log (#639)
- fix #2153: proper behavior for "not specified" OUTPUT attribute CFCOMPONENT/CFFUNCTION
- fixed #2117: corrected the output when CFABORT appears in CFTRANSACTION

Build 6,2,1, - skipped

Build 6,2,1, - 10/13/05
- change BD.NET assembly version numbers from 6.2 to 6.2.1
- fix #2140: A browser address line invocation of CFC method returns nothing
- fix #2141: support XML-compliant closing tags with no attributes, <cfbreak/>
- fixed #2130: javascript produced by cfwddx now compatible with wddx.js
- fixed #2137: client variables not saved in registry when multiple cfapplication tags used
- fixed #2144: complex variables in CFPROPERTY DEFAULT attribute
- fix bug with multiple custom tag paths with sub-directories with the same name
- provide the ability to enable/disable connection pool validation queries
- fixed #2143: you can now assign struct values as xmlattribute values on xml elements
- CFC performance enhancements
- avoid NPE if location of component.cfc not configured in bluedragon.xml (#1021)
- fixed #2142: issue in resolving java method where the argument difference is int vs Integer
- add custom attributes to metadata for CFARGUMENT, CFFUNCTION, and CFCOMPONENT (#2150)
- insure named arguments for CFSCRIPT-based UDFs appear in order in the "arguments" array (#2015)
- support square-bracket notation access to CFC "this" scope (#1922)
- display proper error message for invalid CFARGUMENT types (#1223)
- fix #2149: allow setting Content-Type header via CFHEADER on BD.NET
- limit to 10 backups of bluedragon.xml; ".bak.1" is now the newest, ".bak.10" the oldest
- delete "LIBxxxx.dll" and "" from "work/temp" directory at startup

Build 6,2,1, to 25 - skipped

Build 6,2,1, - 10/5/05
- fix bug with CFINCLUDE on BD.NET introduced by CFMAPPING implementation
- add template file path to error.diagnostics

Build 6,2,1, - 10/5/05
- re-implement fix for #1744 (CFABORT within CFSAVECONTENT)
- fixed bug #2119: cfquery.executiontime variable now matches cfmx structure

Build 6,2,1, - 10/4/05
- fix bug #2102: JNDI (J2EE) datasource names are case-sensitive; don't convert to lowercase
- set up variable contexts properly for CFSCRIPT-based CFC functions (#2108)
- evaluate return values properly for CFSCRIPT-based CFC functions (#2108)
- fix bug #2123: Cannot call methods that have multi-dimensional arrays as parameters
- fix bug #2120: 2-d array not being returned from VB function in BD.NET
- fixed bug #2121: BD .NET throws exception when deleting an LDAP entry that's not there
- support CFCONTENT within CFFUNCTION (#1825)
- fix for invoking CFC methods in pseudo-contructor using "this" (#2126)
- allow component subclasses to access private methods of superclasses (#2127)
- fixed bug #2125: invalid document contexts no longer throw internal errors
- fix for xmlsearch on BD .NET causing IllegalArgumentException (#2133)
- provide more detailed information in error.diagnostics, including datasource name
- fix #1210: allow UDFs to be invoked using CFINVOKE (without COMPONENT attribute)
- improve performance of client data purging
- implement new CFMAPPING tag to define per-request mappings

Build 6,2,1, - 9/23/2005
- fixed bug #2115: If cfexecute fails to run a process, the failure message is not displayed in
 the browser
- performance improvements for CFSCRIPT
- fixed bug #2105: duplication of XmlAttributes now are properly assigned

Build 6,2,1, - 9/20/2005
- added support for 'L' in dateAdd and datePart functions (#1900)
- adjusted the fix for bug #1353 (multi-valued LDAP attributes are now
 separated by a comma "," instead of a comma + a space ", " to better match
 CFMX 6.1) 
- with .NET reflection, fixed bug with multi-dimensional arrays
- fixed #2058: added support for TEXTBODY, HTMLBODY, MESSAGEID, and UID fields in CFPOP query, 
              and support for UID attribute in CFPOP tag
- fixed #2090: error in CFPOP when email has no Date header
- fixed #2048: web services on .NET 2.0 work now
- fixed bug #2086: CFINDEX CUSTOM attributes not compatible with CF5/MX
- fixed bug #2075: upgraded to use Axis to 1.2.1
- fixed #2095: queries with duplicate column names can't be placed in .NET request scope
- fixed #2097: better error handling when cfcookie attempts to use a reserved word as it's name
- fixed #2092: assigning an array to a variable now makes a copy of the array
- fixed a .NET-specific variation of bug #2035: With cfldap query results, the attribute names are
- fixed #2036: ParseDateTime now successfully parses "Tue, 28 Jun 2005 08:53:28 BST"
- fixed #1988: exceptions within cfscript bodies are now highlighted at the line where the error occurs
- fixed #1988: assert function failure now includes line number in error message
- fixed #1888: support indirect variable assignment in CFSET and CFSCRIPT
- performance improvements for list functions
- performance improvements for CFLOOP over list
- performance improvements for CFLOCK
- performance improvements for IsDefined(), CFPARAM, and variable assignments
- fixed bug #1361: unable to cfoutput result of calling a webservice method
- performance improvements for CFSCRIPT "return", "break", and "continue" statements
- fixed bug #2094: cfldap in .NET will throw a TimeOut error when a list of attributes with
 duplicates is added
- performance improvements for CFSCRIPT
- performance improvements for accessing fields of struct variables
- performance improvements for CFQUERY on BD.NET
- fixed #2110: persistance issues with client data stored in registry on BD.NET
- fixed #2103: CFFILE now always creates the CFFILE variable regardless of action
- fixed #2069: corrected error message when CFFILE MOVE fails
- fixed #2107: issues with paths containing '..' in expandpath function
- fixed #2106: expandpath now only returns a trailing slash if the input path has one
- performance improvements for CFSWITCH/CFCASE

Build 6,2,1, - 8/22/2005
- make sure to release locks on template files (#2027)
- fixed path output for CFFTP listdir (#1255)
- fixed dates for UNIX output format ftp servers where year not specified (#1678)
- fixed bug in int function returning the max integer value when passed a long value (#1349)
- added support for cfquery.executiontime (#1779)
- fixed NullPointerException in CFEXECUTE when only filename is given for OUTPUTFILE (#1326)
- relative paths are now taken from the temp directory for OUTPUTFILE in CFEXECUTE (#1326)
- added support for HTTP scope alias (#1498)
- fix bug #1526: With BD.NET dateFormat() outputs Period/era string differently
 than does cfmx or BD Java
- cache CGI.SERVER_NAME per request, not per application (#2029)
- fixed bug #2028: cfldap action="add" converts attribute names & values to
                  lowercase before adding
- fixed bug #1353: cfldap action="modify" modifyType="add" overwrites existing
                  value instead of appending 
- revisited bug #1803: Fixed invalid path problem trying to locate CFCs using WSDL URIs
- revisited bug #1850: Handle filenames and directories that start with digits for web services
- fixed bug #920: slow performance of cfindex
- fixed bug #2035: With cfldap query results, the attribute names are lower-cased 
- moved BD .NET SOAP extension into web.config
- fixed issue with undefined query attributes (#2030)
- fixed bug in urldecode when charset is "utf-8" on BD.NET (#2038)
- content field returned by getHttpRequestData doesn't respect character encoding (#2037) 
- fixed bug #2041: Datasource changes are not picked up until after a restart 
- fixed problem using cfhttp.responseheader.location as URL for subsequent cfhttp (#1993)
- fixed bug in listchangedelims handling of multiple delimiters (#1586)
- fixed support of PASSIVE attribute in CFFTP (#2042)
- fixed internal server error when CFFTP passive connection fails (#2033)
- fixed bug #2043: With BD.NET, the port for a SQL Server named instance must be specified
- fixed character encoding issue with CFHTTPPARAM of type "body" (#2039)
- added support for DBVARNAME to BD.NET.
- fixed unexpected ambiguous method choice when using null arguments (#2045)
- fixed bug #1975: With BD.NET, calling stored procedure with output parameters fails
- fixed bug #1515: The getNumericDate function is not implemented/supported
- fixed bug #2047: CFHEADER STATUSTEXT attribute should be optional
- fixed bug #1362: maxlength in cfinput appears twice for type="text"
- fixed bug #1370: cfzip created zip had incorrect timestamps on BD.NET
- added web service enum type support
- enhanced web service conversion exceptions to print type profiles whenever possible
- added BigInteger and BigDecimal support to the conversion routines
- CFINDEX: performance enhancement for updating an index with new data
- CFINDEX: No longer required to use CFLOCK around the updates, internal engine handles locks
- CFSEARCH: Added 3 attributes; SORT, SORTDIRECTION and SORTTYPE. Performs a pre-sort on results
- fixed bug #1519: utcTotalOffset is a negative value in America when it should be positive
- fixed bug #2051: CFIMAP/CFPOP now handle UTF-7 encoded emails and report Unsupported encoding in 
 the returned message
- fixed bug #1935: CFINVOKE now supports proxyServer, proxyPort, proxyUser, and proxyPassword.
- added support for timeout, username, password to CFINOVKE
- added conversion routines for unmarshallable data returned from web service targets (#2052)
- added conversion routines for System.Data.DataSet types in web service calls on BD .NET
- fixed issue with valuelist on query column added using queryaddcolumn (#2061)
- fixed bug in valuelist returning values from wrong query (#2016)
- CFINDEX: performance update for when action=delete for a custom type
- fixed bug #2062: Query variables do not implement ResultSet.getObject() methods
- allow working directory to be set via -Dbluedragon.workdir JVM property (#2044)
- support use of mappings for CFERROR type="EXCEPTION" (#1462)
- fix problems with REReplace() on WebSphere 5.1 (#2053)
- fixed rounding errors with decimalFormat and dollarFormat on BD.NET (#2063)
- 'size' is no longer treated as a reserved word in query of queries (#1892) 
- improved CFHTTP error message when server presents invalid certificate for https (#1792)
- removed CFHTTP generated warning messages due to use of HttpClient getResponseBody (#1868)
- fixed the priority of multiple specified cferror tags (#1845)
- support added for colon based syntax for named arguments (#1694)
- add support for MySQL Connector/Net to BlueDragon.NET
- fixed deadlock problem in cache
- fixed file.exists() bug with long file names for generated web service classes (#2034)
- protected against other J2EE apps diverting the location of Axis config files
- listcontains/listcontainsnocase should return 0 when substring is "" (#2072)
- listdeleteat removes empty list elements (#2068)
- fix #1974: client variables in registry can cause NullPointerException
- fixed bug #2073: IP ranges cannot be specified for Debugging Output IPs
- fixed bug in output of multiple cfoutput query groups (#1676)
- CFHTTP cross domain redirect returns wrong result (#2077)
- fixed bug in CFDIRECTORY sort on multiple columns (#2003)
- spaces in an end tag after the tagname are now permitted (#1002)
- added support for relative file paths in CFFILE (#2079)
- fixed bug with BD.NET where cfZIP can sometimes timeout
- fixed bug #2083: Unable to duplicate() certain implicit structures inside a cflock body  
- fixed bug #2080: CFIMAP fails to read message with Content-Type "text/plain; charset="
- an error is now thrown if local vars of the same name are declared in CFFUNCTION (#1595)
- fixed #1633: admin console fields are now auto-trimmed 
- fixed bug #1645: validation of required single checkboxes now works
- fixed NullPointerException when accessing a cfimap query field (#2087)
- added initial support for .NET reflection.  This is needed to support .NET pass-by-reference parameters.
- fixed NumberFormatException seen in mail.log when cfmail attributes in bluedragon.xml are blanked out (#2088)

Build 6,2,1, - skipped

Build 6,2,1, - 6/21/05
- fixed bug #2007: ArrayToList doesn't work properly with delimiter that has more than 1 char
- fixed bug #2008: CFLOGIN fails to detect that a user is logged-in until the NEXT request is made
- fixed bug #919: issue with CFMAIL requirement for a domain name
- fixed bug #931: validation of multiple CFELSE statements
- fix bug #2013: BD Internal Server error when setting a column in a query
 variable without specifying the row
- performance enhancement for initial page render (#2014)
- fixed support of ACCEPT in CFFILE (#984)
- fixed passing of null to java constructor or method invoked via CFOBJECT (#1691)
- fixed ClassCastException when passing string to StructClear (#1837)
- added support for javacast() "null" type (#2019)
- added support for JDK 1.5.
- added support for VAR/OEM license key.
- fixed Expires date produced by CFCOOKIE when EXPIRES is set using date "MM/DD/YY" (#1168)
- added support for use of CF date/time objects in EXPIRES attribute of CFCOOKIE 
- headers/cookies with multiple values now returned as struct in CFHTTP (#1943)
- fixed bug in setting multiple headers of the same name using CFHEADER (#2024)
- performance enhancement for ListGetAt() function (#2020, partial)
- fix #1965: CFABORT within CFMODULE within CFLOOP QUERY causes internal error
- fix #2001: additional CFPROPERTY attributes not added to metadata
- fixed support of multiple delimiters in CFCASE (#1204)
- fixed bug #2022: Exclusion filter for IP address access to admin console
- improved error message when complex data passed to len function (#1243)
- undeclared function arguments must be accessed using "arguments." prefix (#2015)

Build 6,2,1, - 6/8/05
- lockingobject created by CFLOCK is now treated as simple value (#1480)
- added MAXROWS support for query of queries (#1909)
- removed CFSET from getbasetaglist result (#1910)
- fix bug #780: inputbasen function produces wrong result with certain input
- fixed NullPointerException when calling FontMetrics methods (#1940)
- fixed resolving of java method when method arguments differ only by array dimension (#1941)
- fix bug #1409 - ArrayClass problem
 NOTE:  This fix is specific to BD.NET.  This bug was fixed in 6.2 for BD/Java.
- fixed CFIMPORT bug where same prefix is used to point to different libraries (#1939)
- don't check at render time for CFC specified by CFPROPERTY TYPE attribute (#1248)
- fixed CFWDDX cfml2JS when OUTPUT variable ommited (#1956)
- fix bug displaying custom tag errors (#1966)
- added support for isNumericDate function (#1897)
- added support for 'long' in LSDateFormat
- added support for LSIsNumeric
- added support for LSNumberFormat (#1555)
- setLocale no longer effects the output of numerics (#1895)
- fixed CFWDDX handling of dateTime with single digit seconds (#1893)
- fixed internal server error when using QoQ on a CFIMAP query (#1853)
- fixed trimming of multipart/form-data values (#1967)
- query field accessed using square brackets now treated as an array (#1790)
- fixed issue with missing client variables when stored in registry (#1974)
- fixed Internal server error when CFFILE action="delete"
without FILE attribute (#1842)
- fixed issue with CF_SQL_TINYINT queryparam type and booleans using MS Access (#1982)
- fix bug #1960: preventing display/edit of license key in BD/.NET admin console
- fix bug #1986: AlarmManager throws java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
- proper handling of CFABORT when custom tag called from ASP.NET page (#1963)
- proper handling of CFEXIT when custom tag called from ASP.NET page (#1964)
- fixed behaviour of GETASBINARY in CFHTTP when value is NO (#1989)
- fixed bug in handling of query groups in CFOUTPUT (#1355)
- fixed typo in CFDUMP of query (#1990)
- fixed jvm locale dependent numeric output (#1994)
- fix bug #1996: LSCurrencyFormat bug with type=international where currency symbol is sometimes
 placed after the number or after the minus sign.  It should always come before the number
 and minus sign.  Note that this bug was introduced by the fix for bug #1406.
- fix bug #1997: With BD.NET, LSCurrencyFormat with type=local sometimes misses space
 before/after currency symbol
- fix bug #1998: LSCurrencyFormat with type=none sometimes formats negative numbers wrong
- fixed jvm locale dependent output of time and numeric functions (#2000)
- fixed "Optional Feature not support" with CF_SQL_INTEGER on Access  (#1985)
- fixed issue with CFASSOCIATE when used with CFEXIT (#1911)
- '.' now matches newline characters in refind/refindnocase (#2002)
- fixed bug #1973: CFLOGINUSER does not authenticate users who have no roles
- fixed bug #1991: allowed-IPs compare of request's IP address to system's IP address failed

Build 6,2,1, - 5/11/05
- fix bug #1193: cfupdate should not perform update if no primary key is available in formfield
 NOTE:  This fix is specific to BD/Java connected to an Access database.  This bug was fixed in
        BD 6.1 for all other configurations.
- fix bug #1930: cfinclude fails for .aspx that inherits "NewAtlanta.BlueDragon.CfmPage" 
- fix bug #1248: cfproperty tag restricts the values that can be set in the type attribute.
 NOTE: This bug was partially fixed in 6.2.  In 6.2.1, BD was made to be more lenient and
       allow any type attribute value when a CFC is not invoked as a web service.  This matches
       the behavior of CMFX.
- fix bug #1932: BD.NET installer fails when IIS has more than 9 web sites
- fix bug #1934: Server-side form field data validation passes when it shouldn't
- fix bug #1937: With BD.NET, CFML page in root web app fails to include an ASPX page
- With BD.NET, return a better error message when a <cfinclude page="..."> is passed an 
 absolute path.
- With BD.NET, add support for dynamic data sources (dbType="dynamic") to the CFINSERT, CFQUERY
- fixed bug in LSCurrencyFormat when type=none (#1406)
- fix bug #1946: With BD.NET, the charset value of a CFHTTP tag is ignored
- fix bug #1588: CFDIRECTORY filter="" returns an empty query 
- fixed issue with LSParseCurrency when no currency symbol used (#1904) 
- fixed bug in CFUPDATE where field is not updated when formfield is blank (#1920)
- add support for .NET 2.0 beta 2 (.NET 2.0 beta 1 is no longer supported)
- fixed parsing issue with numeric +(1) (#1806)

Build 6,2,1, and 12 - skipped

Build 6,2,1, - 4/28/05
- fix bug #1321 - GetTempDirectory function should return absolute path
 NOTE:  This bug was partially fixed in 6.2.  The fix in 6.2.1 covers the case when the
        temp directory is specified as relative to the current directory (ex. "./work/temp")
- allow ASP.NET code to catch CFABORT exceptions (modified fix for #1743)
- fix #1925: exception handling for recursive CFMODULE and CFFUNCTION calls
- fix #1915: support dynamic values for CFSELECT attributes
- fix #903: CFCACHE not working properly
- avoid "orphaned" MySQL connections

Build 6,2,1, - 4/21/05
- fix bug #1881 - With BD.NET, SQL Server system stored procedures like
 sp_help cannot be called.
- support setting of 'restricted' headers in CFHTTP on BD.NET (#1880)
- fix bug #1889 - BD.NET ignores responseEncoding value in web.config
 or in page directive
- fix bug #1783 - With BD.NET, debug output is missing
- path is now set when using cfset to set a cookie (#1882)
- default path for a cfcookie is now context path dependent
- fix bug #1891 - unexpected parse errors with unquoted parameter values
 that are terminated by a newline
- fix bug #1884 - Accessing .NET datatable in CFML page results in ClassCastException
- fix bug #1810 - provide useful information for CFHEADER calls made after CFFLUSH
- fix bug #1781 - Search Collections do not get created in specified directory
- fix bug #1789 - BD.NET installer needs to give read/write rights to IIS_WPG group for
 the BD.NET installation directory.
- With BD.NET, improve error message when sender is rejected by SMTP server
- fix bug #1902 - Val incorrectly handles numbers starting with a '.'
- fix bug #1907 - With BD.NET, sometimes cfEXECUTE, cfLDAP, cfINDEX and scheduled tasks
 do not behave properly
- add support for disabling auto-config of ODBC data sources through use of <autoconfig-odbc>
 element in bluedragon.xml
- fix bug #1820 - CFLDAP fails with BD.NET using .NET 2.0 beta
- fix bug #1908 - DateFormat is case-sensitive
- fix bug #1390 - CFHTTP file not found response doesn't set status code to 404
 NOTE:  This bug was fixed in 6.2 for BD/J2EE and BD Server. The fix in 6.2.1 is for BD.NET.

Build 6,2,1, to 8 - skipped

Build 6,2,1, - 4/7/05
- fix bug #1782 - Output generated by WriteOutput() not captured by CFSaveContent.
- fixed issue with multipart form data that contained '%' (#1879)
- fixed CFINSERT/CFUPDATE issue when using an auto-increment primary key (#1866)

Build 6,2,0, - 4/1/05
- fixed bug with NumberFormat(",") (#1843)
- rework fix for bug #1793 to minimize performance impact
- fix admin console bug going back from step 3 to step 2 in datasource wizard
- fixed bug #1867: NullPointerException when <cflogin> occurs AFTER <cfloginuser> in rare cases
   [formerly referred to as: "avoid NPE that happens on some J2EE servers for CFLOGIN"]
- fix for CFFUNCTION PACKAGE access on UNIX/Linux (#1450)
- fix CFZIP regression testcase failures on UNIX/Linux
- fixed client data issue where there are 2 cfapplication tags (#1836)
- fixed bug in client data when storage type is registry (#1847)
- avoid NPE when CFLOGIN/restart BD/CFLOGOUT (bug #1867)
- support bracket syntax for Java object fields (revisit #1668)
- CFMAIL now supports GROUP/GROUPCASESENSITIVE attributes (#1846)
- Fix bug #1857 - NullPointerException on shutdown of BD Server and Server JX
- added support for LSParseNumber (#1073)
- Fix bug #1821 - Security: turning tracing on an ASPX page shows the BlueDragon
 Admin Username and Password in the .NET Debug output
- fixed QoQ bug when generated query is used with valuelist (#1863)
- fixed QoQ bug in comparisons in WHERE clause (#1863)
- fix bug when CFABORT thrown within CFC invoked via ASP.NET page (#1743)
- fix bug with CFABORT inside the body of a CFSAVECONTENT after
- restore tag and variable stacks properly when doing CFRETHROW after
 error within CFSAVECONTENT; also fix CFDEBUGGER output (#1726)
- check CFOBJECT TYPE attribute value at runtime, not compile time (#1809)
- fixed NullPointerException when session is cleared prior to cflocation (#1871)
- fix bug placing uninstantiated Java/.NET objects created via CFOBJECT into
 shared J2EE/ASP.NET scopes (#1844)
- fix bug with serialization of Struct variables to ASP.NET sessions (#1823)

Build 6,2,0,226.2.53 - skipped
- reimplement CFDIRECTORY using .NET APIs for performance (#1791)
- fix BD.NET bug where failure to load a DLL in the bin folder causes
 the CFOBJECT tag to fail
- fix BD.NET bug where retrieving a System.Data.DataTable object from the
 application, session or request scope causes an exception 
- multi-valued form parameters now re-encoded correctly when setEncoding
 is called (#1768)
- fixed WDDX2CFML handling of struct elements with null value (#1807)
- With BD.NET, fix problem with placing CFML arrays in the session scope
 when ASP.NET sessions are used and stored in the State Server or SQL Server
- fix bug with CFINDEX hangs on BD.NET (#1794)
- With BD.NET and Oracle 10g, fix bug with calling stored procedures when
 using Microsoft Oracle Provider
- fix bug #1405 - passing an empty string to DecimalFormat or LSEuroCurrencyFormat
 causes a runtime error
- performance: use .NET APIs for System.currentTimeMillis() and Thread.yield()
- avoid use of wait() and notify() on .NET to prevent deadlocks
- fix bug #1822 - NULLs stored in a Structure in session data cause session data
 to be lost when ASP.NET sessions are used with the State Server
- restore tag stack properly for CFEXIT and CFRETURN (#1706)
- avoid starvation by long-running loops on .NET (#1793)
- CFLOOP performance enhancements (#1815)
- performance enhancement and proper request clean up for CFLOCATION on .NET
- Fix bug #1832 - With BD.NET, session data is lost when UDFs or CFCs are placed
 in session scope and ASP.NET sessions are used with the State Server
- generate precompiled templates using .NET serialization (#1805)
- fixed bug with no error message being displayed when precompiler fails to
 compile a page that has multiple errors
- (this is where 6.2.1 branched--equivalent to 6,2,0,256)