Detailed Information
Product Name: BlueDragon 7.0 for J2EE Servers (Win)
Hotfix Name: BlueDragon_70_J2EE_Hotfix_Jun_2007
Created: 06/18/2007
File Size: 4.00 MB
File URL:
Description: Build 7,0,0,345
Release Notes
BlueDragon 7.0 Release Notes

Build 7,0,0,345 - 06/12/07
- CFCACHE: supporting the servername for multi-homed sites
- fix for failing regression testcase #2164 on BD JX
- fix for failing regression testcase #2540 in WebLogic packed WAR
- BlueDragon 7.0 June 2007 hotfix

Build 7,0,0,344 - 06/06/07
- fixed #2753: CreateObject fails when creating web service with portname specified
- fixed #2763: web service name cannot be the same as a function name on BD .NET
- fixed #2764: Using portname argument in createObject has no effect
- fixed #2768: cfforward is missing query args if original request contains query args
- fixed #2770: cfscript tag is not deserialized properly
- CFSCHEDULE task attribute no longer required for LISTALL
- added support for RESULT attribute in CFSCHEDULE
- CFSCHEDULE edit action renamed to read
- fixed #2735: unexpected ambiguous method for StringBuffer.append()
- fixed #2413: support for dynamic DBTYPE value in CFQUERY
- fixed #2760: case sensitivity issue with expandpath and mappings
- fixed #2784: CFINDEX does not index specified CUSTOM fields correctly
- fixed #2787: GetPageContext().getOut() is not supported
- fixed #2786: MySql FOUND_ROWS() function no longer works after BD 7 .NET build 337
- fixed #2794: CFCHART output not handled in CFDOCUMENT renderings
- fixed #2795: CFDOCUMENT does not render images in output when format is png or jpeg
- fixed #2801: RPC style web services sometimes fail when parms/returntypes are CFCs
- fixed #2799: cfform time validation fails for hours between 20:00 and 20:59
- fixed #2796: CFFTP listdir action sometimes fails with a unix ftp server
- fixed #2797: CFFTP listdir action displays wrong mode value
- fixed #2804: CFFTP does not work with a NetWare FTP server
- fixed #2805: CFFTP does not update errorCode and errorText
- fixed #2758: CFDOCUMENT does not render content when tables with % height values are used
- fixed #2808: BD.NET can't validate connections with an Oracle ODBC datasource
- fixed #2798: use of $ character in CFDIRECTORY filter
- fixed #2811: incorrect ToBase64() output
- fixed #2812: ToBase64() doesn't support "utf-8" charset argument in BD.NET
- fixed #2790: cffile ADDNEWLINE now appends OS specific line separator
- fixed #2818: support for dynamic TYPE, NAME and SORT attribute in CFREGISTRY
- fixed #2821: With BD.NET, the creation of encrypted precompiled templates fails
- fixed #2817: cfform onsubmit now performed if built in validation passes
- fixed #2810: ExpandPath outputs $ prefix when expanding mapping to linux path 
- fixed #2822: avoid OutOfMemoryError by checking printing bounds for cfDOCUMENT
- fixed #2815: cfcookie isn't set when using cfcontent with file
- fixed #2824: CFC functions sometimes return empty string response
- fixed #2766: With BD.NET using state or sql server, xml data cannot be placed in
 session scope
- improved error reporting when invoking web services
- fixed #2823: parse error with double-quotes in CFARGUMENT DEFAULT attribute
- fixed #2825: CFC functions defined via CFINCLUDE not in "this" scope
- fixed #2826: change "cache per web site" default to true

Build 7,0,0,343 - 04/26/07
- fixed #2772: xml attributes with namespace prefix not being serialized properly 

Build 7,0,0,342 - 04/23/07
- fixed #2726: improved performance of URLEncodedFormat
- fixed #2751: BD.NET 7.0 cannot locate admin.cfc
- fixed #2752: With BD/Java and MySQL, cfquery within cfthread leaks connection
- added support for unmanaged C++ CFX tags to BD.NET
- fixed #2761: IsValid function "url" type validation
- fixed #2762: CFFILE move fails when source and destination are the same
- fixed #2767: implicitly creating nested struct causes key to be lowercased

Build 7,0,0,341 - 04/05/07
- fixed bad type argument access for 3 parameter createObject calls
- fixed #2736: QueryAddColumn data type argument is case sensitive
- fixed #2704: Internal Server error when CFSELECT DISPLAY value is an invalid query column
- fixed #2743: handling of null values in QofQ DISTINCT
- fixed #2723: added support in getmetadata() for simple data type arguments
- fixed #2746: Exception in CFC pseudo-constructor does not restore local scope
- fixed #2748: CFBREAK acts as CFRETURN within CFFUNCTION

Build 7,0,0,340 - 04/02/07
- fixed #2738: method not found error if function is named the same as a variable

Build 7,0,0,339 - 03/21/07
- fix issue with CFTRANSACTION and fix for bug #2670
- fixed #2610: admin.bda NPE within WebLogic 10.0 packed WAR
- fixed #2731: BD.NET installer overwrites bluedragon.xml
- BlueDragon 7.0 final release

Build 7,0,0,338 - 03/19/07
- fixed #2729: index out of bounds error for web service target namespace's in doc root.
- fixed #2730: handle exceptions when trying to connect to remote web services using web service objects.
- fixed #2717: MySql 5.0 stored procedures fail with Connector/NET 1.0.9
- fixed #2718: With BD.NET, entering an eval key from the admin UI fails
- fixed #2719: With BD.NET, MySql 5.0 and Connector/NET 1.0.9, cfinsert fails for BIT fields
- fixed #2724: Internal Server Error when comparing large numerics on BD.NET
- fixed #2727: cftextinput tag fails
- fixed #2716: QuerySetCell errors when trying to add complex data to column manually added to db query
- performance tweak for #2670: reuse connection within same request only for MySQL datasources

Build 7,0,0,337 - 02/26/07
- fixed #2507: exposed underlying exception details from web service calls
- proper disabling of CFDOCUMENT tag when JARs/DLLs missing
- avoid admin console errors when CFSEARCH JARs/DLLs missing
- BlueDragon 7.0 Release Candidate

Build 7,0,0,336 - 02/20/07
- fixed #2699: CFINDEX incorrectly looks for query fields for CUSTOMx attributes when QUERY specified
- fix XmlTransform regression testcase failure on Linux 
- fixed #2700: CFINDEX defaults TYPE to "file" when QUERY specified
- fixed #2702: implemented remove/removeAll java methods for cf arrays
- fixed #2701: Invalid expression error when trying to read xml file node

Build 7,0,0,335 - 02/15/07
- fixed #1540: support for ordering by a column not in the SELECT in QofQ
- fixed #2688: structKeyExists() for undefined arguments
- With BD.NET, if 'yyy' is passed to LSDateFormat then format the year as 2 digits instead
 of 4 digits (NOTE: this was broken in 7.0b1 or 7.0b2)
- With BD.NET, make sure forward slashes passed to LSDateFormat aren't replaced by date
 formatters for the specified locale (NOTE: this bug was introduced in 7.0b1 or 7.0b2)
- fixed #2686: entity in DTD declarations are honored even if no validation is done, ensured
 identifiers do not cause validation if no validation is specified
- updated fix for 2659 to not decode/re-encode strings and avoid losing proper charset encoding
- updated BD .NET so that parsing empty (no document element) xml data throws an exception
- fixed #2692: CFINPUT maxlength attribute is now passed through
- fixed #2693: multi-value LDAP attributes are not formatted properly
- fixed #2694: With BD.NET, a 3D bar chart with shade paintstyle causes error
- fixed #2696: missing FORM scope in 404 custom error handler in IIS 6.0 (BD.NET)
- fixed #2695: With CFCHARTSERIES, legend colors are not distinguishable with shade paintstyle
- fixed #2698: duplicating CFCs
- fixed #2672: increase maximum connections for auto-configured ODBC datasources
- show default collection path in admin console when creating new collection
- attempt to discover font directories at startup (for use by CFDOCUMENT)

Build 7,0,0,334 - 01/27/07
- fixed #2638: NPE when rendering xml documents where root node has no children.
- fixed #2628: CFLOOP unexpectedly encounters #text when looping over xml docs
- add support for BD.NET Standard and Enterprise
- fixed CFIMAP reverse ordering
- With BD.NET, fix bug where the lock on a template file specified in a cferror tag
 for type request or validation is not released. 
- fixed #2468: bug with cfcontent when page is not completely buffered
- CFOBJECT/CreateObject performance enhancements
- fixed #2639: QofQ SUM does now supports numeric strings
- fixed #1815: CFLOOP performance enhancements
- fixed #2644: CreateOdbcDate, CreateOdbcTime, and CreateOdbcDateTime need to create
              new variable instances instead of modifying the existing ones
- fixed incorrect boolean coersion for web service datatypes on BD.NET
- updated web service complex type conversions to be property name case insensitive
- CFIF/CFELSEIF performance enhancements
- fixed #2637: bug with listDeleteAt and single length strings 
- fixed #2643: encrypt/decrypt functions now produce same output across all platforms and 
              versions of .NET
- fixed #2643: encrypt/decrypt functions now default to BD_DEFAULT algorithm and support
		   BDNET62_COMPAT for backwards compatibility
- fixed #2650: nested CFLOOPs using same index name (bug introduced by fix for #1815, above)
- fixed #2627: support for POSIX character classes in isValid() function regular expressions
- performance enhancements for binary expression evaluation
- fixed #2630: cfoutput group bug
- fixed #2649: CFSETTING enablecfoutputonly attribute no longer defaults
- HashMap/Hashtable performance enhancements
- performance improvements to QofQ UNION statement
- fixed #2651: bug with <CFCONTENT...reset="yes"> when processed in end custom tag
- CFOUTPUT performance enhancements
- fixed #2646: support for custom tag 'inactive' execution mode
- fixed #2565: support for mixing of pixel/percentage width/height in CFIMAGE
- fixed CFLOCK bug discovered during performance/stress testing with Fusebox 5.0
- performance enhancements for Java method invocation
- fixed #2597: CFPOP now successfully decodes utf8 encoded email fields
- fixed #2647: associated attributes are now immediately accessible via getBaseTagData
- added support for CFFILE recurse when ACTION="DELETE"
- log warning when a client data cookie is greater than 4k
- fixed #2299: Java classes as CFARGUMENT types
- fixed #2550: passing Java null as required CFARGUMENT
- fixed #2614: NULL passed to function as empty string
- fixed #2404: Variable doesn't exist exception should be thrown with CFINVOKE
- fixed #2660: Error passing database NULL to CFINVOKEARGUMENT
- fixed #1420: CFFUNCTION Arguments[] array with named and optional arguments
- fixed #2321: invalid component-cfc path configuration causes internal server error
- fixed #2654: form submit error on admin console Fonts page
- fixed #2657: internal server error for negative CFPAUSE INTERVAL value
- fixed #2609: cffunction within custom tag results in CFML runtime error
- fixed #2658: System.Text.StringBuilder on BD.NET
- fixed #2665: getMetaData() with 0 arguments
- With BD.NET, use assembly level directives to list the minimum security permissions
 needed by BlueDragon
- fixed #2570: support Server.ColdFusion.RootDir and Server.ColdFusion.Expiration
- fixed #2662: java static field accessor methods are now called automatically in CFOBJECT
- fixed #2164: expandPath now supports mappings
- fixed #2663: StructKeyExists now works on queries
- fixed #2664: java objects now automatically converted to strings when required
- fixed #2667: IsDefined returns true for undefined function argument
- fixed #2591: Application.cfc "extends" doesn't retain session management settings
- fixed #2314: GetProfileString() error with whitespace
- fixed #2668: duplicate( request ) generates Internal Server error
- fixed #2669: cfscript switch is case sensitive
- fixed #2670: MySQL temporary tables across multiple CFQUERYs in one request
- fixed #2652: Added ability to pre-define a webservice object in BD Admin
- performance enhancements for .NET method invocation
- fixed #2659: respecting xml encoding attribute during parsing of xml data
- fixed #2673: bug with accessing local variables using caller scope
- insure client data backwards compatibility with BD 6.x
- fixed #2676: CFCHARTSERIES causes subsequent valuelist() to fail
- fixed #2677: CFAPPLICATION not allowed within CFTHREAD

Build 7,0,0,333 - skipped

Build 7,0,0,332 - 12/12/06
- With BD.NET, fix date formatting issue when the culture of the current thread is modified

Build 7,0,0,331 - 12/08/06
- reverse fix for #2468

Build 7,0,0,330 - 12/07/06
- fixed #2468: bug with cfcontent when page is not completely buffered
- fixed #2536: cfquery cachedomain no longer defaults to the http host
- With BD.NET, fixed bug with invoking a web service that uses an IP address
 in the targetNamespace.
- fixed #2636: XML objects converted to strings in shared J2EE/ASP.NET scopes

Build 7,0,0,329 - 12/04/06
- fixed #2611: Bad File Exception in Unix does not display source information
- fixed #2626: Setting the query cache size corrupts the file settings
- fixed #2607: CFCHART Incompatibility (GRIDLINES attribute not supported)

Build 7,0,0,328 - 12/01/06
- fixed #2599: odbc datasources in global bluedragon.xml are causing error when trying
 to remove from local bluedragon.xml
- reimplemented LSIsDate and LSParseDateTime functions
- fixed #2340: errors in cfoutput block are now highlighted more precisely
- fixed #2594: issue with scope searching when the caller prefix used
- fixed #2612: Timestamp fields are displayed without milliseconds 
- fixed #2457: YesNoFormat() returns incorrect results for strings
- fixed #2604: timeformat seconds mask character is case sensitive in BD.NET
- fixed #2600: incorrect output when adding a days with dateAdd function 
- fixed #2600: 'w' mask now correctly adds business days only with dateAdd function
- fixed #2577: cfform javascript inserted in wrong <head> section
- fixed #2460: whitespace compression no longer effects CFTABLE output
- fixed #2538: len function now works on xml objects
- fixed #2560: CFHTTP - "missing start tag" error with embedded CFIF and Replace function 
- fixed #2487: "[undefined array element]" changes to "array [empty]" after cfparam of isdefined()
- fixed #2479: internal server error with invalid expression 
- CFSET and CFRETURN performance enhancements
- fixed #2432: CFIMAP/CFPOP incorrectly decode non-ascii filenames of attachments
- fixed #2616: dateformat function handling of nulls
- fixed #2618: Deleting datasource causes null ptr exception (this bug introduced in 7.0 beta2)
- fixed #2477: ampersand in odbc datasource name causes initialization failure
- fixed #2619: corrected handling of CHECKED attribute in CFINPUT
- added IMAGE to the CFINPUT supported types
- fixed #2492: xml strings were being auto-converted to xml types
- performance enhancements for BD.NET response buffering
- fixed #2622: BD.NET prepared statements fail with MySQL Connector/NET 1.0.8
- fixed #2623: error with CFFILE when RESULT attribute is blank
- fixed #2444: internal server error when CFFILE upload encounters a file with no content-type

Build 7,0,0,327 - 11/21/06
- Allow BD.NET to run without errors when JFreeChart.NET.dll is not present
- With BD.NET, fix parsing error when TimeFormat and DateFormat are passed a single character
 NOTE: this bug was introduced in 7.0 beta2

Build 7,0,0,326 - 11/14/06
- fixed #2399: cfscript try/catch doesn't catch variable doesn't exist exception within udf 
- fixed #2415: Unexpected ambiguous method error in int[] vs float[] arguments
- fixed #2584: BD Internal Server Error parsing bad expression
- fixed #2441: cfhttp now automatically determines the charset if CHARSET attribute not set
- fixed #2454: Inline images with CFMAIL not working when html part is specified as main body
- fixed #2588: CFMAIL fields are now encoded correctly when non-ascii values used
- fixed #2592: CFMAIL attachment filename now correctly encoded when it contains non-ascii chars
- fixed #2525: error with cfexecute and quoted arguments passed to netsvc
- fixed #2603: corrected server side form validation naming, _url no longer results in validation
- fixed #2191: updated cfschedule to handle DST correctly
- fixed #2605: longs incorrectly converted when passed to a java method on BD.NET
- BlueDragon 7.0 beta2

Build 7,0,0,325 - 11/02/06
- fix #2583: undefined variable as struct index on LHS of assignment causes NPE
- avoid internal server errors in GetAllThreads()
- fix #2586: pseudo-constructors not allowed in interfaces
- fix #2587: resizing image with CFIMAGE on BD.NET causes internal server error
- XML performance enhancements
- added Servlet Filter to support search engine friendly URLs with BD J2EE
- fixed #2593: cfpop - attachments and attachmentfiles values are reversed
- fixed #2596: invalid component names in superclass method calls
- fixed #2547: regression failures for relative mapped path on BD JX
- fixed #2573: admin console error when enabling/disabling ASP.NET sessions

Build 7,0,0,324 - 10/23/06
- support passing argument collection when invoking CFML udf from aspx page
- fix argument order when invoking CFML built-in functions from aspx pages
- fixed #2439: QuerySetCell now trims column name argument
- fixed #2439: ListGetAt no longer trims the list item returned
- support passing argument collection when invoking CFC method from aspx page
- configurable scope dump for CFML runtime errors
- improve performance of data and time format functions
- fixed #2578: GetHttpTimeString returns local time instead of UTC time

Build 7,0,0,323 - 10/17/06
- improve performance of DateFormat() function
- With BD.NET, fix conversion of dates before Oct. 15, 1582 from Java to .NET and vice-versa.
- fixed bug #2311: intermittant NullPointerException in query of queries
 to the CFCHART tag
- refactored BD Java web service translation to avoid reflection.
- fixed #2567: problem converting xml data into binary via toBinary.
- fixed #2575: CFCs exposed via web services do not support inheritance.
- added new CFTEXTAREA tag
- CFINPUT changes
 - added support for button, file, image, submit, hidden and reset TYPE options
 - added full html attribute support
 - added USdate, range, boolean, email, URL, uuid, guid, maxlength, noblanks, and submitOnce validation
 - added MASK attribute
 - added support for multiple validation types
 - added VALIDATEAT support
 - added support for submitOnce
 - updated validation options
- CFSELECT changes
 - added support for specifying multiple selections
 - added support full html attribute support
- CFFORM changes
 - cfform javascript functions now in a separate js file
 - added support for SCRIPTSRC attribute
 - added ability to specify scriptSrc in the admin console
 - added support full html attribute support
 - added further server side validation options
 - all validation errors are now reported by the js alert instead of just the first
- fixed #2337: cfinput regular_expression validation causes JavaScript exception. 
- added the ability to set the default CFFORM SCRIPTSRC location via the admin console
- added IsLocalHost and GetLocalHostIP functions
- add support for WLS 9.x "unpacked" WARs
- load CFX tag into the current AppDomain if RELOAD="NEVER" (BD.NET)
- added script protection to cfapplication
- fixed #2576: With BD.NET, calling an oracle store procedure fails

Build 7,0,0,322 - 10/05/06
- fixed #2537: GetHttpRequestData() support for binary data
- fixed #2541: With BD.NET, CFINSERT/CFUPDATE within CFTRANSACTION fails
- fixed #2542: Query of query changes format of date fields
- fixed #2545: With BD.NET, sometimes a null ptr exception occurs when it shuts down
- fixed #2546: With BD.NET, an internal error occurs when a browser sends a bad cookie
- fix performance bug when accessing struct fields
- disable CFDOCUMENT tag in free BlueDragon Server
- avoid exceptions when reflecting .NET methods with parameters of type Object
- avoid exceptions when rendering CFABORT and CFLOCATION
- add new ABORT attribute to CFLOCATION
- refactored BD .NET web service translation to avoid reflection.
- fixed #2533: Internal Server error when accessing a query column array without an index
- fixed #2553: cfinclude of aspx page should inherit variables scope
- fixed #2554: CFOBJECT: java method expects long but BD converts it to an int
- improved error handling for mail server thread
- fixed #2555: javamail no longer required. Mail tags are simply disabled
- fixed #2556: ignore USERNAME/PASSWORD as empty strings in CFQUERY, CFSTOREDPROC, etc.
- fixed #2557: can't disambiguate Java methods that differ only by "int" and "char" parms
- fixed #2540: CFC not validated as struct when passed as argument of a function
- fixed #2539: cfdump followed by cfabort is hidden inside cfsilent
- fixed #2558: CFOBJECT: wrong method called when argument passed in is a Long
- update BD.NET to use the ASP.NET web cache for caching
- make performance improvements to file and expression caches 
- fixed #2551: structClear not working on xml objects
- fixed #2544: xml objects not working like structs in cfloop
- added fix to make sure Axis honors the dotNetSoapEncFix=true setting
- fixed #2562: QofQ date comparison bug
- add new value to <CFEXIT METHOD="REQUEST"> that aborts the request, but suppresses the output
- made performance update for calls to cfmAbortException; only CFABORT will cause the output to be flushed
- fixed #2564: scheduled task now has the User-agent request header set
- fixed #2534: fixed support for dynamic variable names that extend beyond a single identifier
- fixed #2364: cffunction local variables and CFMODULE caller and attributes scopes (new fix)
- add support for DBVARNAME to BD/Java
- admin console reorganization; update "caching" page

Build 7,0,0,321 - 09/13/06
- added creditcard, email, eurodate, float, integer, range, regex, regular_expression, ssn, 
 social_security_number, time, URL, USdate, and zipcode TYPE support for CFPARAM
- added min, max and pattern attributes to CFPARAM
- added isValid function
- isXML function now returns true for xml objects
- added RETURNASBINARY support in CFLDAP
- added support for looping over date/time ranges
- updated date support to use 30 Dec 1899 0:00 Epoch in arithmetic operations
- added caching of stored procedure parameter names to BD.NET
- add the ability to invoke CFML functions (UDFs and built-in) from ASP.NET pages
- fixed #2521: BD.Net does not work with AjaxCFC
- fixed #2524: Cannot receive a CLOB from a stored procedure larger than 32k.
- support XML strings as XML types for CFARGUMENT and CFFUNCTION
- fixed #2527: When J2EE/ASP.NET sessions are enabled, the BD default session timeout should   
 be ignored
- performance enhancement for REReplace and REReplaceNoCase on BD.NET
- modify precompiler to copy non-precompiled resources to output directory
- fixed #2463: CFSETTING with 'enablecfoutputonly' forces 'showdebugoutput' to yes
- BlueDragon 7.0 beta1

Build 7,0,0,320 - 08/31/06
- fixed #2520: QoQ SUM function no longer throws exception on non-initialized query cells
- fixed #2481: QoQ SELECT COUNT( DISTINCT ) output corrected
- fixed issue with QoQ MIN function when the first cell in query is non-numeric
- fixed #2147: "method injection" for CFCs
- fixed CFDUMP with TOP attributes for CFCs
- fixed #2517: "method injection" for CFCs (similar to #2147)
- better error messages for CFLDAP failures
- proper classpath setup for web services on BD JX
- fix bug with serialization of CFFUNCTION/CFARGUMENT to precompiled template
- fix bug with nested CFINCLUDEs in admin.bda

Build 7,0,0,319 - 08/29/06
- fixed bug causing query objects to throw IndexOutOfBoundsException when 0 rows were added
- added image ouput support to CFDOCUMENT

Build 7,0,0,318 - 08/28/06
- fixed #2501: Quarter() now returns correct results for April, July, and October
- fixed #2486: ExpandPath of a file located in a virtual directory produces incorrect results
- fixed #2503: GMT timezone does not calculate DST correctly in BD.NET
- CFTHREAD output available in thread variable "generatedContent" field
- CFTHREAD return variable now in thread variable "returnVariable" field
- proper handling of CFEXIT and CFABORT within CFTHREAD
- make thread name a field in the thread struct variable; delete ThreadName() function
- implement CFTHREAD exception handling
- implement ThreadStop() function, add ability to stop thread from admin console
- added support for VARIABLE attribute in CFCONTENT
- update BEA WebLogic Edition to use BEA licensing code
- added support for STATUS in CFINDEX
- CFCOLLECTION/CFINDEX/CFSEARCH exceptions are now of type SearchEngine
- fixed CFINDEX default extensions
- added support for AUTHOR, RANK, SIZE and TYPE fields in CFSEARCH query result
- fixed #2511: BD.NET fails to initialize properly after recycling
- fixed #2510: BD.NET Internal Server Error with IsNumeric( "82E4351311" )
- fixed bug with CFCHARTSERIES query attribute
- fixed #2512: performance degradation with ASP.NET or J2EE sessions and unnamed CFAPPLICATION
- add Server scope to Long CFDUMP (including error logging)
- added support for category/categorytree in CFCOLLECTION/CFINDEX/CFSEARCH 
- fixed #2514: BD.NET fails to install globally with .NET 2.0 on Windows 2000
- fixed #2515: column naming in q-of-q for computed columns
- added support for CFDOCUMENT
- fixed #2518: Web service fails when it returns a query with 0 rows
- fixed #2509: line breaks incorrectly encoded in CFMAIL generated quoted printable emails
- improve performance of UUID creation

Build 7,0,0,317 - skipped

Build 7,0,0,316 - 08/14/06
- CFOBJECT/CreateObject performance enhancements on BD.NET
- file and expresssion cache performance enhancements

Build 7,0,0,315 - 08/03/06
- fixed potential problems with CFIMAGE and multiple simultaneous requests
- remove extraneous initialization/rotated messages from log files
- corrected portion of fix for #2324: invalid ValueList() results
- fixed getRealPath() issue with BD Server and JX in multi-host environment
- admin console tweaks for BEA WebLogic edition
- fixed 2343: bug in new comment parsing code
- added xml functions: isXml, isXmlAttribute, isXmlNode, xmlGetNodeType, xmlValidate
- added namespace support to xmlElemNew
- added validation to xmlParse
- additional fix for #2193: cfhttp resolving of href="." urls
- performance: revisit fix for bug #1793
- performance enhancements for displaying query results
- performance improvements to javabean support in cfobject
- fixed #2354: bug in parsing of comments ending with "<--->"
- fixed #2355: IS NULL in query of queries now behaves correctly
- fixed #2359: Invoking non-constructor "init" method on Java object instance
- fixed #2360: Failure to invoke implemented interface method when superclass
              also implements same interface method
- fixed #2363: database nulls need to be output as empty strings for CFML2WDDX
- added additional web service type conversion checks
- fixed #2365: case-sensitivity of CFLDAP attributes
- fixed #2357: EmptyStackException with debug output enabled and rethrown exception
- fixed #2366: CFFILE ACTION="READ" fails with uploaded files on BD JX
- fixed #2367: Form submission from PDF document doesn't work
- fixed #2368: CFFILE actions other than UPLOAD overwrite CFFILE variable
- fixed #2369: GetTempDirectory() value needs to end with file separator
- fixed #2362: parsing of tag parameters with unmatched brack value
- fixed #2364: cffunction local variables and CFMODULE caller and attributes scopes
- fixed #2341: BD.NET internal server error when invoking toString() on a String via cfobject
- fixed #2349: PreserveSingleQuotes not behaving in BD as it does in CF
- fixed #2376: Multiple ResultSets: set #n is undefined unless sets 1-(n-1) are also defined (via <cfprocresult>) 
- added initial support for MySql 5.0 stored procedures
- fixed #2381: QoQ LIKE condition behaviour with '%.'
- fixed #2375: CFINCLUDE of JSP pages on WebLogic 8.1
- fixed #2377: CFMAIL: incorrect default mimetype used for word doc attachment
- fixed #2353: CFMAILPARAM TYPE attribute value was ignored
- fixed #2371: BD.NET only works in FULL trust mode
- fixed bug causing .asmx web services to fail when called from same IIS web app
- enhanced web service error messages to more easily identify bad WSDL urls
- fixed #2387: display better error message when the bluedragon.xml is corrupt
- fixed #2388: Len function fails when passed a binary object
- fixed #2390: Numberformat with mask "_" results in Internal Server error
- changed parameterexists implementation to minimize exception throwing
- fixed #2394: NullPointerException when CFMAIL attachment is an unrecognised mime-type
- fixed #2398: CFMAIL fails to set TYPE correctly when it's an unrecognised type
- fixed #2397: content-type is now automatically set to text/xml when making a CFHTTP 
              POST with a cfhttpparam type="xml" body
- fixed #2151: query scope now available in local UDF call
- fix CFSCRIPT serialization on .NET
- fixed #2409: internal server error when url data ends with %
- fixed #2410: getting all sessions within an application
- fixed #2407: causing xmlsearch to fail on xml documents with namespaces
- fixed #2403: username/password parameters to cfinvoke are now allowed via the 
		   argumentcollection attribute or cfinvokeargument tag
- Improved xml configuration reading to minimize exception throwing
- added exception handling for exceptions thrown by reader.NextResult()
- updated list functions to minimize exception throwing
- listqualify no longer accepts invalid element parameter
- listqualify, listinsertat, and listsetat now only use the first character of delimiter when delimiter is > 1 character
- listqualify, listinsertat, and listsetat now throw exception is delimiter is empty string
- fixed #2411: CFHTTP to query firstrowasheaders no longer ignored when no columns specified
- fixed #2412: CFHTTP to query DELIMITER can be characters other than tab and comma
- fixed #2412: CFHTTP COLUMNS now requires the use of a comma as the delimiter
- fixed #1999: cfschedule errors are now also published to file
- fixed #1999: cfschedule updated to support https
- fixed #2348: support for MAXROWS and STARTROW in CFPOP
- fixed #2356: Query of queries are now recorded in debug output
- Query of queries can now be cached as ordinary queries
- CFQUERY now supports RESULT variable
- fixed #2338: Problem with Oracle Stored Procedure on BD.Net due to input parameters
              without DBVARNAME
- added support for CFCHART
- fixed #2391: unexpected error when cfcol header contains a single quote
- fixed #2395: no longer strip html from text/header when producing a non-html table in CFTABLE
- fixed #2396: no longer insert tabs between columns in CFTABLE
- upgraded to Lucene 1.9.1
- fixed #2431: web services missing support for out and in/out parameters
- fixed: cfquery caching when using 'cachename' with no 'cachedwithin'; it was never holding the query
- fixed #2439: ListGetAt fails when column list contains spaces
- added new CFMULTICAST tag
- cfmail performance improved including addition of multiple mail sending threads
- cfmail TIMEOUT now defaults to admin console specified value
- cfmail interval setting removed as emails are queued immediately
- removed maildata from variables scope
- added mail backup servers option in admin console
- fixed #2361: bug in returning numeric values from a cfc  
- Added CFTIMER tag
- Added getContextRoot function
- Added support for RESULT attribute in CFFILE, CFSTOREDPROC, CFFTP and CFHTTP
- Added support for RECURSE attribute in CFDIRECTORY and added "directory" to result set
- fixed #2448: ReFind/ReFindNoCase now return 0 when the regular expression is ""
- fixed #2446: BD.NET sending base64 encoded multipart when it should be quoted-printable
- Added BinaryEncode/BinaryDecode functions
- Added CharsetEncode/CharsetDecode functions
- DayOfWeekAsString now returns day in the language of the current locale
- Added GetLocaleDisplayName function
- Added GenerateSecretKey function
- Added CFFORK and associated functions
- fixed #2393: BlueDragon is vulnerable to a Denial of Service (DoS)
- fixed #2319: GetMetaData() for UDFs
- fixed #2254: defaults of CFPROPERTY not preserved
- fixed #1613: UDF Forward References
- CFC performance enhancements
- fixed #2459: CFERROR handling within NewAtlanta.BlueDragon.CfmPage
- initial support for Application.cfc
- performance enhancements for Application.cfm lookups
- implemented new algorithm, encoding, IVorSalt and iterations parameters for the Encrypt and Decrypt functions
- fixed #2461: Cross-Site scripting vulnerability
- added EncryptBinary/DecryptBinary functions
- fixed #2464: BD.NET initialization errors
- fixed #2465: Receive IO exceptions with Oracle 10g RAC environment
- improved CFFILE read performance
- added support for null
- fixed #2478: cfobject now handles bridge methods inserted by the compiler
- added support for algorithm and encoding parameters to Hash function
- added support for the ToScript function
- added file support for xsl parameter for XmlTransform
- added algorithm parameter to Rand, Randomize and RandRange functions
- added support for specifying xml declarations to cfxml
- added query column type support to queryNew/queryAddColumn/querySetCell functions
- added support for queries in getMetaData function
- fixed #2424: getTimeZoneInfo doesn't report the correct data for ECT timezone
- removed support for the CFREGISTRY tag on UNIX
- removed support for using the registry to store client data
- On Windows, have the CFREGISTRY tag access the Windows registry instead of a registry file
- added omit attribute for cfinvokeargument
- added portName parameter to CreateObject for web service objects
- added servicePort attribute to cfinvoke
- added enhancement to allow unstructured attributes to be bound to a web service complex type on the fly
- updated nillable and minOccurs=0 (omittable) web service parameter handling
- support java locales in setLocale function
- added TOP support to cfDUMP
- fixed #2491: CFIMAP error when reading mail with charset "us-asci"
- fixed #2490: issues with numeric precision and the  round function with longs
- fixed #2493: support for dynamic values in CFPOP ACTION attribute
- fixed #2041: CFPROCRESULT getting 2nd resultset
- added xml data type support to CFCs (web services)
- added lastmodified, doccount, size fields to CFCOLLECTION listing
- added status variable for CFSEARCH
- added support for optionally storing the body of the document via the STOREBODY attribute in CFCOLLECTION
- added context highlighting of CFSEARCH results
- fixed support of indexing custom data without a query being specified in CFINDEX
- added support for CUSTOM3 and CUSTOM4 attributes in CFINDEX
- fixed #2498: global datasource configuration in BD.NET fails with virtual directory
- fixed #2497: serialization of query variables
- added the style, namespace, serviceportname, porttypename, wsdlfile, and bindingname attributes to CFCOMPONENT 

Build 7,0,0,288.2.6 - 02/16/06
- fixed #2273: cfinsert and cfupdate fail sometimes with PostgreSQL
- fixed #1128 - parsing bug when cfscript block contains "</cfscript>" within
 quoted string or comment
- fixed #2278: With BD.NET, using arrays with .NET reflection will fail sometimes
- fixed #2279: CFCACHE error message does not give enough information
- fixed #2289: With BD.NET using ASP.NET sessions, loginStorage="session" fails if
 the State Server  or SQL Server is used to stored session data
- fixed #2292: major improvement in comment parsing
- fixed #2293: form scope inline:  if enctype is multipart cfdump form is empty
- fixed #2259: SOAP header access for BD Java and BD .NET.
- fixed #2300: With SQL Server, cannot use double quotes in SQL statements
- fixed #2303: bug with valuelist on cfwddx created queries containing nulls
- fixed #2298: BlueDragon chokes on boolean with padding at the end
- fixed #2304: BlueDragon does not accept dates of the form xx.xx.xxxx 
- fixed #2305: BD.NET fails with MySql types unsigned smallint, unsigned int and
 unsigned bigint  
- fixed #2286: numberformat issue with spaces between negative symbol and numeric
- fixed #2306: BD.NET does not support the functions QueryDeleteRow and Render
- fixed #2297: GetMetaData does not work with an empty argument
- fixed #2310: don't write bluedragon.xml if marked read-only
- fixed #2270: single quotes in CFC function attibute "access"
- fixed #2288: passing ubyte[] to .NET method
- fixed #2285: CF5-compatible client data in Oracle datasource causes runtime error
 if all client variables are deleted (or if none are set)
- fixed #2309: <cflogin> idletimeout attribute should be ignored
- fixed #2282: virtual (sub)directories cause wrong Application.cfm to be served
- fixed #2316: GetClientVariablesList generates Internal Server Error when client
 mgmt disabled
- fixed #2312: scheduled tasks won't run in java version of bluedragon
- fixed #1712: support for indirect invocation of JavaBeans get/set methods
- fixed #2323: Query of query doesn't sort null values correctly
- fixed #2324: invalid ValueList() results
- fixed #2284 - successive cfindex updates were not working when indexing files
- Lucene Enhancements
- PDF support
- Word doc support
- Language support (English, German, Russian, Brazilian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese,
  Czech, Greek, French, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Portugese, Spanish
  and Swedish)
- new CHARSET attribute for CFCOLLECTION
- fixed #2268: arrays now being copied by value for arrayappend/arrayinsertat/arrayprepend/arrayset functions
- fixed bug #2234: INOUT stored proc parameters with Oracle on BD.NET
- fixed bug #2326: With BD.NET, stored procedure INOUT parameters are truncated
- fixed #2267: multi-dimensional arrays are now passed by value instead of reference
- fixed bug #2334: With WLS 9.2, invoking CFCs fails
- fixed bug #2328: cfinsert / date error on BD 6.2.1
- fixed bug #2332: Stored procedure in/out character params are not returned properly
- fixed bug #2333: PostgreSQL types abstime and reltime cannot be displayed 
- fixed #2329: QoQ result query no longer includes table name if column specifies it in the SELECT
- support accessing .NET properties using the syntax "obj.<property name>"
- fixed #2327: allow recursive CFINCLUDEs
- language is now accurate when listing cfcollections
- language in cfsearch/cfindex is deprecated
- admin console updated for Lucene language/document support additions
- fixed #2335: <cfheader name="content-type" .../> fails to set the header unless cased as                   
- fixed #2315: extra whitespace after CFCONTENT RESET="Yes"
- fixed CFTRY-CFCATCH bug; incorrect identification of CFCATCH in multi-threaded environments
- fixed CFSWITCH bug; losing CFCASE entries in multi-threaded environments
- fixed 2488: IndexOutOfBoundsException when specifying a username containing a '@' in CFMAIL SERVER attribute     

Build 7,0,0,288.2.1 - 01/05/06
- fixed #1742: With JDK 1.3, CreateDateTime returns the wrong time
- first build of BlueDragon 7.0 branch based on BD 6.2.1 final