Detailed Information
Product Name: ServletExec/ISAPI 6.0 for Microsoft IIS
Hotfix Name: ServletExec_ISAPI_60_Hotfix_October_2008
Created: 10/06/2008
File Size: 1.00 MB
File URL:
Description: v6.0.0.1
Release Notes
* This hotfix contains only those components that are relevant for the   *
* configuration stated below.                                            *
*                                                                        *
* Hotfixes are cumulative, so they contain all the fixes found in their *
* previous hotfix (and patch) counterparts.                              *
*                                                                        *
* Directions to apply this hotfix are at the very end of this file.      *

ReleaseNotes.txt for the ServletExec ISAPI October 2008 hotfix.

ServletExec60.jar was updated to v6.0.0.1 to fix the following bugs:

- bug #2990: Tag Library validation errors should be more verbose
- bug #2991: CDATA should be escaped prior to being added to the in-memory XML
            view of a JSP page
- bug #2995: SE AS sometimes creates a Classpath.pref file
- modified the fix for bug #2485. javax.servlet.forward.XXX request attributes
 were being set in cases when they should not be.

- Added 2 reserved values for use in init parameters:
  1. ${com.newatlanta.installationHome} to refer to the top-level ServletExec
     installation folder.
  2. ${com.newatlanta.appRoot} to refer to the top-level folder of your
     webapp (i.e. the folder that contains the WEB-INF folder).
  These can be used to replace absolute paths as init param values, thus
  making your webapp(s) more portable.

  Here is an example of using these special values in web.xml:

- Added a new init param named "bufferSizeKb" to the JspServlet. Valid values
 are in the range [0 - Integer.MAX_VALUE]. This can be used to configure the default
 response buffer size used for all subsequently translated JSP pages and to help
 troubleshoot the condition described in SE FAQ #92.
 To learn (generally) how to configure the JspServlet inside your webapp,
 apply the concepts described in SE FAQ #315.

- bug #3092: A tag file cannot use another tag file
- bug #3097: "missing pageContext" error at JSP compile time
- bug #3099: same taglib prefix in both .tag file & .jsp file causes Validation failure

An updated ServletExecAdmin.jar is provided to ensure compatibility with the updated
ServletExec60.jar file (added a "BD Mode" to SE for BlueDragon Server JX 7.1).     


How to apply any SE hotfix
Generally this involves:

1. Stopping SE and the webserver
   NOTE: With IIS this involves stopping the IIS Admin Service
         from the Services Control Panel.
2. Renaming the component to be hotfixed
3. Putting the hotfixed component in place of the un-hotfixed component
   (giving it the original name of the un-hotfixed component)
   For example, you'd rename ServletExec_ISAPI.dll.32bit to just ServletExec_ISAPI.dll

The specifics of doing this can vary based on which component you are updating.

- JARs can typically be found in the
  <ServletExec Install Directory>\lib\ directory.
- ServletExecISAPI.dll can typically be found in the
  ..\Inetpub\Scripts directory.

For example, here some specific steps to use with SE ISAPI 5.0:

1. Stop the Windows Service named "IIS Admin Service"

2. Rename C:\Inetpub\Scripts\ServletExec_ISAPI.dll to

3. Place the hotfixed DLL (named "ServletExec_ISAPI.dll.32bit") into the
   Scripts folder, but renamed without the ".32bit" extension, so that its
   full path is:

4. Rename ServletExec50.jar & ServletExecAdmin.jar to
          ServletExec50.jar_ORIG & ServletExecAdmin.jar_ORIG (respectively).
   (Note: these files reside in SE's lib folder: C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec ISAPI\lib\ )

5. Place the hotfixed versions of those JARs into SE's lib folder.

6. Start your webserver, and request http://<hostname>/servletexec/admin

7. To confirm that you've applied all components of the hotfix properly, use: