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General ServletExec Hotfix Information

Hotfixes are cumulative; that is, the latest hotfix includes all of the fixes of earlier ones. It is necessary to install only the latest hotfix to get all available updates. This means that higher numbered hotfixes contain the bugfixes present in their lower numbered counterparts. All of the files in a given hotfix should be used together for proper operation.

Often the only component that is updated is the SE JAR file. Occasionally other components such as native code, or native adapter(s) will be updated.

Click on the icon to download the hotfix or the hotfix name to view more details about the hotfix.
ServletExec Hotfixes
ServletExec/AS 6.0 for UNIX
Download ServletExec_AS_60_Unix_Hotfix_July_2010_a 07/08/2010 ServletExec_AS_60_Unix_Hotfix_July_2010_a v6.0.0.2_39
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ServletExec/AS 6.0 for Windows
Download ServletExec_AS_60_Windows_Hotfix_July_2010_a 07/08/2010 ServletExec_AS_60_Windows_Hotfix_July_2010_a v6.0.0.2_39
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ServletExec/ISAPI 6.0 for Microsoft IIS
Download ServletExec_ISAPI_60_Hotfix_October_2008 10/06/2008 ServletExec_ISAPI_60_Hotfix_October_2008 v6.0.0.1
ServletExec/AS 5.0 for UNIX
Download ServletExec_AS_50_Unix_Hotfix_September_2007 09/05/2007 ServletExec_AS_50_Unix_Hotfix_September_2007 v5.0.0.14
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ServletExec/AS 5.0 for Windows
Download ServletExec_AS_50_Windows_Hotfix_September_2007 09/05/2007 ServletExec_AS_50_Windows_Hotfix_September_2007 v5.0.0.14
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ServletExec/NSAPI 5.0 for SPARC Solaris
Download ServletExec_NSAPI_50_SPARC_Hotfix_September_2007 09/05/2007 ServletExec_NSAPI_50_SPARC_Hotfix_September_2007 v5.0.0.14
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ServletExec/NSAPI 5.0 for Windows
Download ServletExec_NSAPI_50_Windows_Hotfix_September_2007 09/05/2007 ServletExec_NSAPI_50_Windows_Hotfix_September_2007 v5.0.0.14
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ServletExec/ISAPI 5.0 for Microsoft IIS
Download ServletExec_ISAPI_50_Hotfix_September_2007 09/05/2007 ServletExec_ISAPI_50_Hotfix_September_2007 v5.0.0.14
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ServletExec/AS 4.1.1 for UNIX
Download ServletExec_AS_411_Unix_Hotfix_Feb_2005 02/10/2005 ServletExec_AS_411_Unix_Hotfix_Feb_2005 v4.1.1.29
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ServletExec/AS 4.1.1 for Windows
Download ServletExec_AS_411_Windows_Hotfix_Feb_2005 02/10/2005 ServletExec_AS_411_Windows_Hotfix_Feb_2005 v4.1.1.29
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ServletExec/NSAPI 4.1.1 for SPARC Solaris
Download ServletExec_NSAPI_411_SPARC_Hotfix_Feb_2005 02/10/2005 ServletExec_NSAPI_411_SPARC_Hotfix_Feb_2005 v4.1.1.29
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ServletExec/NSAPI 4.1.1 for Windows
Download ServletExec_NSAPI_411_Windows_Hotfix_Feb_2005 02/10/2005 ServletExec_NSAPI_411_Windows_Hotfix_Feb_2005 v4.1.1.29
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ServletExec/ISAPI 4.1.1 for Microsoft IIS
Download ServletExec_ISAPI_411_Hotfix_Feb_2005 02/10/2005 ServletExec_ISAPI_411_Hotfix_Feb_2005 v4.1.1.29
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