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Date: 10/26/2006
Subject: [ServletExec] Some things to be aware of...
Here are 4 issues that have recently been identified, that all or most 
ServletExec users need to know:

1. If you use ServletExec ISAPI or ServletExec NSAPI with version 
1.5/5.0 of Sun's JVM then you
   need to read FAQ #338:

2. If you want to use ServletExec ISAPI on a machine whose CPU 
architecture is
  Intel Xeon (EM64T), then you should use the installer (not 
the 5.0 installer).
  That's the installer of choice at point, as it already has the August 
2006 hotfix bundled right in it.
  That installer also includes the fix for an installer bug that's 
described in FAQ #302:

  If you already used the ServletExec 5.0 ISAPI installer on a Xeon 
machine, IIS will not be
  able to startup SE. However, there is no need to uninstall/reinstall SE.
  Just perform the simple manual workaround described in that FAQ.
  Then manually apply the latest hotfix.

3. If you want to use ServletExec 5 with IIS (either ISAPI or AS), 
running on a 64-bit version of
   Windows, then you need to read SE FAQ #296:

4. If you want to use ServletExec on a 64-bit version of the JVM, on 
Windows, then you will have to use
   SE AS or higher (either the installer or the hotfix). This 
is because SE 5.0 contains a fix for
   bug #2484 entitled: "SE AS instance on Windows shuts down after 
logging off of windows", and that
   fix relies on loading a 32-bit DLL. A 32-bit DLL can't be loaded by 
Java code that's running inside a 64-bit JVM.
   So the fix not only fails with 64-bit JVMs, but actually prevents 
your SE AS instance from starting up.
   You have to use SE or higher in this case (which is what 
everyone should be doing anyway).
   But that's not all. You must also manually edit your 
StartServletExec.bat file, and add the -Xrs JVM option.
   This way your SE AS instance running inside Sun's 64-bit JVM for 
Windows won't shutdown when someone logs out of Windows.

Matt McGinty

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10/26/2006 [ServletExec] Some things to be aware of...
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