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Faq ID 106
Product JTurbo
Category Version differences
Question How can I find out which version of JTurbo I am using and whether or not it is a trial version, an evaluation version, or a fully licensed version?
Answer For JTurbo 3.x and newer:
  • It is very easy to tell which version your JTurbo.jar is and whether or not it is a fully-licensed version or one that will timeout. The JTurbo.jar files for JTurbo 3.0 contain a text file named: Version.txt which states the exact version of the product. You can learn whether or not it is a fully licensed one by enabling debug messages on the driver in your code like this:
    DriverManager.setLogWriter(new PrintWriter(System.out));
    The output will state whether or not your JTurbo.jar is fully-licensed. JTurbo 3.0 will not use the sub-versioning like JTurbo 2.0E and older did, incremental versions of JTurbo will be the more standard: 3.0.1, 3.1 3.2, 4.0, etc...

For JTurbo 1.22, 2.0, and 2.0 Enterprise:
  • The JTurbo.jar files themselves do not contain any distinct characteristics that would allow a person to examine them and tell the difference. To further compound this problem, each of these versions had various sub-versions that were released. Here is an example using JTurbo 2.0:
    When JTurbo 2.0 came out, each time a bug-fixed version was created it was distributed as JTurbo 2.0 (using a JAR file named JTurbo.jar, just as before). But this time the bug-fixed JTurbo.jar had a new sub-version.
    When customers downloaded any evaluation version of JTurbo it was delivered in the form of a ZIP file. That ZIP file contained JTurbo.jar as well as examples and documentation, and a ReadMe.txt file. The first line in the ReadMe.txt file would state the sub-version.
  • The most updated sub-versions are as follows:
    JTurbo 1.22 version 5.2
    JTurbo 2.0 version 2.4
    JTurbo 2.0 Enterprise version 1.9
  • If you still have the original ZIP you downloaded (from which you extracted the JTurbo.jar file you are trying to examine), then you can look in the ReadMe.txt file to see if you have an older sub-version. If you find that you do have an older sub-version and for some reason you cannot use your free upgrade to JTurbo 3.0, then you should download the most current sub-version from the NewAtlanta website. The easiest way to do this is to login using the email address of the original purchaser and you will be able to download a fully licensed JTurbo.jar which will be the most current sub-version for that version of JTurbo. You would do this directly from the "Account Management" page (no ZIP file).

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