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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 115
Product ServletExec
Category Miscellaneous
Question How can I keep ServletExec AS running even after I logout?
  • If using SE AS, be sure to use the -Xrs JVM option when starting ServletExec (in StartServletExec.bat or
    That option tells the JVM to ignore certain Operating System Events/Signals that would otherwise force the JVM to shut itself down. For example logging off of the box.
    That JVM option is documented along with all other -X (non standard) JVM options.
    That page is also referenced in SE FAQ #182
    The SE 6.0 installer generates StartServletExec.bat/.sh file(s) that include the use of -Xrs, but prior to SE 6.0 (i.e. SE 5.x or older) one must manually add that JVM option.

  • If running SE AS on Linux/Unix:
    ServletExec, like any other executable process in Linux/UNIX, will continue running after a user logout ONLY if that process has been made to be immune to the signal SIGHUP. This is done many ways in Linux/UNIX depending upon the shell used by the user login. For example, the C-shell has a configuration that arranges for all command executed in the background using "&" to be automatically immune to SIGHUP. For the best description, see the man page for "nohup" (the Solaris version is very helpful).
    One example showing how to logout of an ssh session without causing SE to shut down: $nohup ./StartServletExec &

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