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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 118
Product ServletExec
Category Class Loading/Reloading
Question In what scope are my helper class files visible to my Servlets and JSPs ?
Answer For Servlet or JSP code running inside the context of a Web Application:
  • ServletExec will first look within the Web Application for the classes it needs. When doing this it will first search for the class in the
    ...\WEB-INF\classes folder. If the class is not found there then SE will look for the class by looking inside the JAR files at
  • If the required class is not found in either of those places, SE will then look to the Main ServletExec Classpath.
For Servlet or JSP Code that is running outside the context of any Web Application (Legacy):
  • ServletExec will first look in the Servlets folder and then it will search the Main ServletExec Classpath. It will not look in any Web Application for what it needs.

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