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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 12
Product ServletExec
Category Installation, VM Settings, VM Support
Question How does ServletExec/AS determine which JDK or JRE to use?
Answer The AS versions of ServletExec determine which JDK or JRE to use based on the java command specified in the StartServletExec run script/batch file that is used to invoke the ServletExec Java application.

If you have SE AS installed and running, but then wish to change the version of JVM that it runs with, do this:
  1. If on Windows, view the Add/Remove programs dialog and take note of the Java items listed there.
  2. Install the JVM you wish to use
  3. If on Windows, refresh the Add/Remove programs dialog and take note of the new Java items listed there.
  4. Stop your SE AS instance
  5. Hand-edit the StartServletExec & StopServletExec scripts (2 files) for your SE AS instance so that they point to the desired JVM.
  6. Note that with StartServletExec you'll also need to ensure that it is pointing to the proper tools.jar file (JDK/SDK only)
  7. Save the changes and then start your SE AS instance.
  8. Use SE FAQ #129 to confirm that your SE AS instance is now running with the desired JVM version.
  9. (Optional) If nothing else uses the previous JVM version then you may uninstall it.

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