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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 123
Product JTurbo
Category DataSource
Question What are all the data sources provided by JTurbo 3.0 and JTurbo 2005 and how do they differ ?
Answer The chapter about Using Data Sources in the JTurbo 3.0 and JTurbo 2005 User Guides discuss the 4 types of datasources provided by JTurbo:
  1. com.newatlanta.jturbo.driver.DataSource
    This data source is used to obtain a non-pooled connection.
  2. com.newatlanta.jturbo.driver.ConnectionPoolDataSource
    This data source will not do the actual connection pooling but will allow the application or application server to do the pooling.
  3. com.newatlanta.jturbo.driver.PoolManagerDataSource
    This data source can be used to get a connection which is pooled. This data source should not be used in applications or application servers which perform connection pooling (because the connection it gives you has already come from a pool). See FAQ #389 for more details.
  4. com.newatlanta.jturbo.driver.JTXADataSource
    This data source can be used to get a connection which is pooled and which can take part in a distributed transaction.
Whether or not your copy of JTurbo support all 4 of these will depend upon which JDBC specification your JTurbo distribution supports.

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