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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 131
Product JTurbo
Category ResultSet
Question I am trying to use JTurbo JDBC Driver to select a column whose SQL Data Type is uniqueidentifier but the value I get when I call getString() on the ResultSet is not correct. What is wrong?
Answer Let's say that your uniqueidentifier as shown in MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager is:

If your java code is instead getting something like:

Then the problem is that you need to set the sql70 option flag to true in your JDBC URL

If your java code is instead getting something like: 78bef5d8-1fb0-4223-89bf-c153bd7122fc
(i.e. missing the leading and trailing curly braces, and all lower case)
Then this was a bug in JTurbo and it was fixed in JTurbo 3.0b2

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