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Faq ID 134
Product JTurbo
Category Transactions
Question Does JTurbo support transactions via JTA and JTS?
Answer In short, yes.
Here is a little more detail:

All versions of JTurbo support the standard, non-distributed kind of transactions that are accomplished by using:
and then calling rollback() or commit().

The JDBC 3.0 API is included in J2SE 1.4.
The JDBC 3.0 API adds the setSavepoint() method to the java.sql.Connection Interface.
JTurbo 3.0 and greater supports the JDBC 3.0 specification and so supports the setSavePoint method when used with JVM 1.4 or higher. The setSavepoint method is another way to accomplish JDBC transactions.
The above-mentioned techniques do not involve JTA or JTS.

The JDBC 3.0 Specification also describes support for Distributed Transactions. JTurbo 3.0 supports these because it implements the following interfaces: javax.sql.XADataSource

In chapter 12 of the JDBC 3.0 Specification entitled:
"Distributed Transactions" It states:
Transaction management in the JDBC API is designed to fit with the Java Transaction API TM (JTA TM )
Sun describes JTA using the following language:
JTA specifies standard JavaTM interfaces between a transaction manager and the parties involved in a distributed transaction system: the resource manager, the application server, and the transactional applications.
Sun describes JTS using the following language:
JavaTM Transaction Service (JTS) specifies the implementation of a Transaction Manager which supports the JavaTM Transaction API (JTA)

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