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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 140
Product ServletExec
Category VM Support
Question I am trying to start ServletExec and getting a "Failed to get JNI Environment" error. What am I doing wrong?
Answer Make sure that you are not passing unsupported options to your JVM upon startup.
For example:
The -Xmixed option is valid for Sun's JDK 1.3.x and 1.4.x, but is not valid for Sun JVM 1.2.2, nor for IBM JDK 1.3.x (and possibly other brands/versions).
The ways to set these VM options vary depending on what configuration of ServletExec you are using:
  • If running SE in-process (ISAPI, or NSAPI), edit the file directly in a text editor to remove the -X options.
    FYI: This could be done from the VM Options page of the SE Admin UI if you were able to start SE and access it, which might be the case if you were running SE fine with Sun's JDK 1.3.x or 1.4.x but then tried to switch to IBM's JDK for example.
  • If running SE out-of-process (AS) then edit the StartServletExec script to remove the -X options (or other options that your JVM might not support.
Then try to start ServletExec again.
NOTE: -D options are standard options and so they should be supported by all JVMs, so you should not need to remove them.
Also, when a problem like this occurs and you are running SE in-process (ISAPI or NSAPI), messages in DBMON upon startup of SE can be very helpful. Usually they say something to the effect of:
ServletExec: -Xmixed
ServletExec: Java VM message: Unrecognized option: -Xmixed

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