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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 146
Product JTurbo
Category Connection, Security, Supported Features
Question Can JTurbo Type 4 driver communicate through an encrypted channel ?
Answer JTurbo uses TCP sockets to communicate with MS SQL Server.
The protocol it uses is a proprietary Microsoft protocol called TDS.
  • If using JTurbo 2005 or newer:

    This is possible via Windows Authentication using NTLM. This feature can be used by:

    1. Downloading gnu-crypto.jar from and placing it in your classpath
    2. Setting the new JTurbo property "authentication" to "Windows".
    3. Setting the new JTurbo property "clientDomain" to the domain in which JTurbo is running.
    4. Setting the JTurbo property "clientHost" to the host on which JTurbo is running.

  • If using JTurbo 3.x or older:

    We know of no way to encrypt this protocol.

    Most people put their code that uses JTurbo behind a firewall.
    For example, clients (web browsers) talk to a web server via SSL (https), and the web server invokes code which uses JTurbo to connect to an SQL Server installation which is behind that same firewall.

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