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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 150
Product ServletExec
Category Administration
Question I am seeing "java.lang.IllegalStateException: the session has been invalidated" in my ServletExec.log file. Why ?
Answer Most likely you are calling session.invalidate() somewhere in your code.
If you do this and then try to use that invalidated session object, you can expect java.lang.IllegalStateException to be thrown.
(see the java docs for javax.servlet.http.HttpSession).
ServletExec has a thread that runs in the background which periodically examines all the session objects, calling invalidate() on those that have expired.
Consider removing any calls to session.invalidate() in your code, and allowing SE to manage your sessions automatically, or perhaps wrapping all such calls in a try-catch block.

If you are not calling session.invalidate() anywhere in your code then this would not be the problem. In which case we can only say that somehow your session data has gotten into an inconsistent state.
To fix it do this:
  1. stop ServletExec
  2. delete the appropriate sessionSwap folder
  3. start ServletExec

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