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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 156
Product JTurbo
Category System Requirements
Question Are JDBC Driver connections limited by the number of CALs on the SQL Server ?
Answer CAL stands for Client Access License.
As far as we know, Microsoft offers 2 different licensing schemes for SQL Server.
The first they refer to as "processor" licensing.
More can be read about it here:
The second they refer to as "CAL" licensing.
More can be read about it here:
We cannot speak for Microsoft's position on these various licensing choices, and we do not know in what way (if at all) they enforce CAL licensing.
That would be more a question for Microsoft.
We can say that if you have SQL Server on machine A, and you have your code that uses JTurbo on machine B then machine B is 1 client. So, if using the CAL licensing scheme you would need to purchase at least 1 CAL (for machine B). You could then use JTurbo on machine B to make any number of JDBC Connections to the SQL Server on machine A that you wish.

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