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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 187
Product BlueDragon, ServletExec
Category Debugging
Question What is DBMON and how do I use it ?
Answer DBMON stands for Debug Monitor.
New Atlanta does not make DBMON.
DBMON is a debugging tool created by Microsoft which has been bundled with Windows installations of ServletExec. It captures and displays program output from programs that are written to do this. Both ServletExec ISAPI and ServletExec NSAPI on Windows are written to do this, they will send any System.out.println() output to both DBMON and ServletExec.log.
If you are running SE AS (out-of-process version of SE) then you'll find that your System.out.println() output emitted by your Servlets and JSPs is not captured by DBMON. This is because DBMON is a native (non-Java) program, and it cannot capture output that comes from a java program. Any output that you see in DBMON must have come from a native program. The only time that you would ever get to see your System.out.println() output emitted by your Servlets and JSPs, captured in DBMON is if you were running a version of ServletExec which runs in-process with the web server (ISAPI or NSAPI), because then the SE Java code can make a native callback to tell the native webserver to output the message to DBMON.
DBMON is discussed in the "Developing Servlets" chapter of the ServletExec User Guide (for example, in the SE 4.2 User Guide this is section 12.4). If you have program output in DBMON that you need to copy to your clipboard, here is how you do this:
  1. In the upper-left corner of the DBMON window, left-click the C:\ icon once.
  2. From the pulldown menu choose Edit - Mark
  3. Now highlight the DBMON output you wish to put on your clipboard
  4. Hit Enter on your keyboard to place the text on your clipboard
  5. Paste the captured output to an email or text file or wherever you wish.

Note that DBMON will not show you anything if you are accessing the machine remotely via terminal services or possibly other remote access software. This is a limitation of DBMON. In this case you would need to examine ServletExec.log to see the messages. ServletExec.log has the added benefit of timestamps for each entry, DBMON output does not provide timestamps.

Another debugging tool which works similar to DBMON but also works when run remotely is DebugView. DebugView is freely downloadable from:

If the above link does not lead you to the DebugView download page, then please be aware that Microsoft appears to be the new owner of DebugView. You might find it here.

Note that in our testing with remote use of DebugView we found that we had to enable Global Win32 from the capture menu in order to see any generated output remotely... and we found that we had to do that twice before that setting would actually "stick".

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