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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 195
Product ServletExec
Category Miscellaneous
Question How can I obtain and apply existing ServletExec updates ?

Firstly, you need to learn which version you are currently running.

It may also help if you take the time to understand the difference between a hotfix and a patch

ServletExec Hotfixes are freely downloadable from the New Atlanta website.
They are also available via anonymous FTP from the New Atlanta FTP Server:
ServletExec patches are only available from the New Atlanta FTP Server:
An FTP client could be used to access this server, or in some cases a web browser can be used. Your ability to access this server using a web browser may depend on whether or not you are behind a firewall and/or how your network is setup (setting the browser to allow passive FTP transfers may help in some cases).
However you choose to access this FTP Server, once there you should browse to the:
  • For hotfixes: /public/servletexec/<version>/hotfix/<year_month> folder
  • For patches (SE 6.x and newer): /public/servletexec/<version>/patch folder.
  • For patches (SE 5.x and older): /public/servletexec/<version>/patches folder.

Updates have documentation text files which you should read to learn what an update fixes and how to apply an update to your existing SE installation(s).

  • Each Hotifix ZIP File contains a ReleaseNotes.txt which you should read in order to learn which bugs the hotfix fixes and how to apply the hotfix.
  • Each patch folder (SE 6.x and newer) contains a ReleaseNotest.txt which you should read in order to learn which patches fix which bugs. Patches are applied in the same manner as hotfixes, so to learn how to apply a patch, please follow the instructions given at the bottom of any hotfix ReleaseNotes.txt (for your given OS + webserver + SE configuration).
  • Each patches folder (SE 5.x and older) contains a ReadMe.txt which you should read in order to learn which patches fix which bugs, and how to apply the patch.

Subsequent SE hotfixes & patches are always cumulative, so just apply the latest one (by date) for your OS + Webserver + SE configuration combination.

Many times, an update (i.e. hotfix or patch) will include both Java component(s) (JARs) and also an updated version of an SE native component (DLL, *.so, or *.c), in which case you should update all components.
In any case you'll only need the components that are relevant to your setup/environment/configuration. For example if you are using IIS as your webserver, then you certainly would NOT need ApacheModuleServletExec.dll which is the native component of SE that hooks into the Apache web server on Windows.

You can stay informed of when new hotfixes are released by registering on the ServletExec Forum/Conference
Hotfix releases are always announced in the "Announcements" forum there. If you are registered then you'll receive an email when messages are posted to that forum.

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