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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 198
Product BlueDragon
Category Administration, Installation, Known Limitations and Workarounds, Web Server Support
Question Why didn't BlueDragon find the IIS installation?
Answer This a known problem for versions older than BlueDragon 6.0 in which BlueDragon does not find the IIS installation because of a missing "Scripts" virtual directory and associated Windows Registry entry. This will be fixed in an upcoming release of BlueDragon 6.0. This FAQ was written in 2003.

To workaround the problem, create a virtual directory named "Scripts" in the IIS configuration. This virtual directory typically points to the physical directory C:\Inetpub\Scripts. After creating "Scripts", restart IIS. The restart is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY since it creates a Windows Registry entry that BlueDragon requires. After the restart, restart or reinstall BlueDragon and it should recognize the IIS installation.

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