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Faq ID 199
Product BlueDragon
Category Administration, Installation, Known Limitations and Workarounds, Web Server Support
Question Why doesn't BlueDragon operate on the virtual hosts defined in IIS?
Answer Symptoms of this occuring are that a request for a ".cfm" page will return the raw data which activates the browser "Save As" or "Enter file to save to..." or "File Download" popup. These same symptoms may also occur for requests with the other extensions supported by BlueDragon including ".cfml", ".cfc", and ".jsp".

Prior to and including BlueDragon Server 3.0.1, the "Scripts" virtual directory was required to be defined for each virtual host within IIS. If not defined, the installed BlueDragon filter was not recognized and therefore ".cfm" pages not processed by BlueDragon.

After and including BlueDragon Server 3.0.2, this problem is most likely the result of the removal or replacement of the "Application Mapping" for ".cfm" in the virtual host definition. BlueDragon Server installs "application mappings" to ONLY the Master Properties of an IIS installation. These master properties may be overridden by "application mappings" defined for the specific virtual host.

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