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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 2
Product ServletExec
Category Debugging
Question What's the best tool for step-debugging my servlets?
Answer The best way to debug your servlets is to use SE 5.x AS (or higher) running with it's built-in webserver, running inside the IDE of your choice.
Here are some suggested steps to accomplish this:
  1. Download and install SE 5.x AS (or higher) and during the install select the option to have it run with it's built-in webserver.
  2. Make sure that you can get that running on its own properly by testing it to ensure that it can serve
    /servletexec/admin and
    /servlet/TestServlet and
    your own servlets.
  3. Then study it's Start Script (StartServletExec.bat or and use what you see there regarding how it is started, together with the documentation for your IDE to configure your IDE to run the SE AS built-in server within the IDE's JVM.
  4. Once you have it running inside your IDE you can then set breakpoints in your servlet code, make requests from your browser, and then step through your servlet code.
  5. To stop debugging, you may either tell eclipse to "stop debugging" or you may run StopServletExec directly in order to send a stop message to the SE AS built-in webserver that's running inside your IDE so that it will shutdown gracefully.

An SE AS instance that runs behind a commercial-grade webserver such as IIS, Apache, or SJSWS may also be run inside your IDE. It does not have to be an SE AS instance that runs behind SE's built-in webserver. Some useful information about doing that inside the Eclipse IDE is given here

The ServletExec Debugger [SED] was a free, separate product that used to be used for this, but now SE AS (5.x or higher) with it's built-in webserver is what we recommend. SED has been discontinued.
If you still require SED, then SED 4.2 can be obtained from our FTP server.

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