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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 201
Product ServletExec
Category Web Server Support
Question My web app's welcome file is not served unless I specify it in the request. What's wrong ?
Answer This FAQ only applies to those using a version of ServletExec *prior* to version 5.0... and then only if using Apache as your webserver software.

If you have a web app whose context path is a single forward slash then a request such as:
should cause Apache to pass the request over to ServletExec, and then SE should serve the welcome file. If you receive a 404-Not Found response in your browser instead, and yet the welcome file is served perfectly fine if you request:
then the problem is very likely that Apache is not passing requests for the root context over to ServletExec.
A solution to this problem was posted to the ServletExec Interest List by His posting is message id #50583 and can be viewed:
To summarize here:
Use the apache "alias" command to redirect requests for the root context to a different context.
The example httpd.conf given by Andrew looks like this:

Alias / "/fd1" 

AddHandler servlet-exec jsp 
ServletExecInstances qassf01 
ServletExecAliases qassf01 .jsp / 
<Location /> 
SetHandler servlet-exec 

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