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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 208
Product BlueDragon
Category Admin Console, Administration, Known Limitations and Workarounds
Question Why do the admin pages not display?
Answer On some Linux systems (especially Debian and SuSE), installations of BlueDragon Server and Server JX may have problems with the display of the BlueDragon Administration Pages (e.g. http://localhost:8081/bluedragon/admin.cfm). This problem is caused by failures to decrypt the admin page CFML templates. The primary symptom of the problem is the return of a page in place of the admin page which contains a stack trace caused by a "java.lang.InternalError: Unexpected exception in IJCE_SecuritySupport.registerTargets()". Also a number of "Netscape security model is no longer supported." messages will appear in "<BD-root>/logs/BlueDragon_Server.log".

Replacement of the installed version of "<BD-root>/jre/lib/ext/cryptix32.jar" with this patched version from the BlueDragon FTP site, will correct the problem.

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