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Faq ID 214
Product BlueDragon
Category Admin Console, DataSource
Question How do I add a datasource for MS Access and other ODBC databases?
Answer It's certainly possible to use MS Access and other ODBC datasources (on Windows machines), including PostGreSQL, MySQL, and others. Before discussing this, be aware of the difference between adding a datasource (such as a datasource called "mytest" pointing to a MySQL database called "mytest") and adding a database driver (such as the ODBC driver allowing you to use a MySQL or other database). This FAQ discusses both aspects. This is also discussed in the BlueDragon User Guide.

Auto-detection of ODBC Datasources

BlueDragon automatically detects and loads into its administration console any ODBC datasources (such as a "northwind" datasource pointing at the SQL Server "Northwind" database) that you or others may have defined in your environment (whether by way of the Windows "ODBC Data Sources" control panel tool or the ColdFusion 5 Administrator). You can immediately use any such datasources that are already defined when BlueDragon initializes on startup (unless you need to add a username or password).

Adding New ODBC Datasources

If you add datasources using either of those other means after BlueDragon has started, you can simply press the "ODBC refresh" button provided on the datasources page of the BlueDragon administration console. This will refresh the list and detect new ODBC datasources. Again, you may need to add a username or password to the datasource definition before you can use it.

Therefore, to add an MS Access or other ODBC datasource to BlueDragon, add it using the Windows "ODBC Data Sources" control panel tool. This can be accessed from "Administrative Tools" in Windows 2000 and above.

Adding a UserName or Password

The auto-detection mechanism cannot pick up any username or password defined in the ODBC datasource (entered in the Windows Datasource control panel tool). If you intend to rely on the username/password being provided in the datasource definition (rather than providing it on the CFQUERY), you must then re-enter those values in the BlueDragon datasource definition.

Adding New ODBC Drivers

If a driver for the database you wish to use isn't listed in that Windows ODBC Data Sources panel, you can add them by installing them yourself. Many databases will automatically add a new ODBC driver into the windows environment during installation of the database software. Otherwise, you may be able to obtain the database driver via the internet.

For instructions on obtaining and installing the MySQL ODBC driver, see "How can I define a MySQL datasource? ".

To obtain an ODBC driver for PostGreSQL, see It will be helpful to also review the instructions for installing and using the MySQL ODBC driver as many steps will be similar.

For other databases, simply seek the appropriate ODBC driver from any source on the Internet, and follow the instructions above.

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