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Faq ID 215
Product BlueDragon
Category Admin Console, DataSource, JDBC
Question How can I add a datasource for a database not listed in the "driver types" drop-down?
Answer Database access in BlueDragon is based on the standard Java JDBC API (for the Java-based products, Server, Server JX, and J2EE) or ADO.NET (for the .NET edition). It also supports ODBC in all editions, when deployed on Windows.

Depending on the edition of BlueDragon you're using, BlueDragon may provide built-in drivers or you may be able to add support for other databases, if you can obtain and install the needed drivers.

Free Server Edition

The free Server edition allows use of ODBC databases (on Windows) and (on Linux or OS X) either PostgreSQL or MySQL only. See below for issues regarding using ODBC and MySQL databases.

Server JX and J2EE Editions

The other editions, BlueDragon Server JX and BlueDragon/J2EE, are bundled with JDBC drivers for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and PostGresQL databases. See below for issues regarding using ODBC, MySQL and other databases.

.NET Editions

BlueDragon for the Microsoft .NET Framework comes bundled with ADO.NET drivers for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. See below for issues regarding using ODBC and MySQL databases.

ODBC Datasources: All Editions

All editions provide access to ODBC datasources on Windows machines. To add a datasource for MS Access or another ODBC datasource (such as MySQL, PostGreSQL and more), see How do I add a datasource for MS Access and other ODBC databases?.

MySQL: All Editions

For information on defining MySQL Datasources, see How can I define a MySQL datasource?.

Other Databases: Server JX and J2EE Editions

What about other databases, such as DB/2 or DB2, Sybase, Informix, Ingres, SAP DB, Firebird, Pointbase, Cloudscape, etc.?

In order to access a specific vendor's database product on a Java version of BlueDragon, a JDBC driver for that product must be installed in BlueDragon (supported only on the Server JX and J2EE editions). For additional information about JDBC, see:
To add another database driver, install it per the driver's instructions and add the location to the BlueDragon classpath (in the admin console, go to "BlueDragon Server>vm classpath". Restart BlueDragon. Then, to configure the datasource on the "Datasources>Configure" page in the BlueDragon administration console, select "Other". The online help for the next page of the datasource wizard contains instructions on providing the driver class name and database URI for the driver you're adding.

See the online help in the BlueDragon administration console for further details, as well as further discussion in the BlueDragon User's Guide.

Other Databases: .NET Edition

What about other databases not listed in the drop down for adding datasources?

In order to use any databases other than those listed in the Admin Console, you must use an ODBC datasource. See the discussion above about ODBC datasources.

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