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Faq ID 218
Product BlueDragon
Category Supported Features, System Requirements
Question Does BlueDragon support Linux and other flavors of Unix?
Answer Yes, BlueDragon runs on both Linux (multiple distros) and other Unix variants, depending on the BlueDragon edition (Server, Server JX, J2EE). See the System Requirements page for more details and the latest specific linux distros supported per the different BlueDragon editions. The following will help as well in understanding our Linux/Unix/OS X support.

First, BlueDragon/J2EE can run on a wide variety of Linux and Unix platforms (and OSX, as well as other operating systems). As long as there's an underlying J2EE server (or Servlet Engine) installed, BlueDragon/J2EE should be able to run on it.

Second, the Server and Server JX editions, on the other hand, are currently provided for Linux, OS X, and Windows, but not for Unix. Further, only Red Hat (RedHat) is currently supported for Linux. The server editions are provided as operating system-specific installers, and they have different requirements for working with or providing a JVM, working with web server adapters, and more.

While we have not tested and do not support them officially, we have had customers who have worked with the startup scripts to get it running on other Linux variants including CentOS, Slackware, Debian, SUSE, Gentoo, Ubuntu and others (a key requirement is to be running the 2.4 kernel).

A common problem when deploying on one of these other distros is that they may require some minor changes for the Apache distribution provided, otherwise BlueDragon may not properly process CFML pages. In such cases, it's often simply a matter of adding a few symbolic links (symlinks). See the manual, "Server and Server JX Installation Guide", and the section on "Apache Web Server Issues".

If you're looking for more information on getting a given distro to work with BlueDragon, first be sure to check the system requirements page offered above for the latest information on supported distros. Second, search the FAQs here for possible specific FAQs on the distro of your choice. Third, post your question to the BlueDragon Forums, as our customers often share with each other their own findings about working with a given distro. For instance, note that one has posted his experiences with getting BlueDragon running on Ubuntu.

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