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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 219
Product BlueDragon
Category Installation, Supported Features
Question Is the BlueDragon Server edition really free for production deployment?
Answer Yes, it is (subject to the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement). The latest version is available online at:

Essentially, you may use BlueDragon server for production without paying any licensing fee, but if you're interested in bundling BlueDragon with your application or redistributing it any way, or hosting with it, or using it for commercial services in an Application Service Provider (ASP) environment, you must establish a separate licensing agreement. We are very interested in working with customers interested in using BlueDragon in any of those approaches and will work to arrange an agreement that works for your business model. We offer special low-cost bundling pricing and hosting licensing. Contact to discuss this further.

Also, see the article on this subject in the October 2003 ColdFusion Developers Journal, "Growing a Business with BlueDragon Server", available online at

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