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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 221
Product ServletExec
Category Installation, System Requirements, Web Server Support
Question Does ServletExec support iPlanet/SunONE 6.x?

SunONE 6.1 webserver is officially supported by SE 6.x (SE AS only), and by SE 5.x & SE 4.2 (both NSAPI and AS).

iPlanet/SunONE 6.0 webserver is not officially supported by any version of ServletExec.
But if you absolutely must use iWS/SunONE 6.0, then SE 5.x & 4.2 (both NSAPI and AS) will very likely work just fine with it on Solaris OS or Windows.
Please note that the System Requirements section of the New Atlanta website may say:

iPlanet Web Server (iWS) 4.0 and higher

but that does NOT mean iWS 6.0.
It means iWS 4.x (major version stays the same).

Also note the following facts about Sun's webserver:

  • Sun's website indicates that Sun's webserver was callled "iPlanet" for v6.0, v6.0sp1, & v6.0sp2, and that beginning with v6.0sp3, it was no longer called "iPlanet Web Server" but was instead called "Sun ONE Web Server".
  • All versions of iPlanet/SunONE 6.0, ship with (and use by default) JVM 1.2.2

If you do not want your SE NSAPI instance to use the iWS 6.0 default JVM (1.2.2) then:
You should edit the iWS script named "start-jvm" (found in the .../https-admsrv/bin/ folder, to change the NSES_JRE line (likely the 2nd line in that file) so that it points to the JVM you want ServletExec NSAPI to use. For example, change:
NSES_JRE=/usr/SUNWwbsvr608/bin/https/jre;export NSES_JRE
to be:
NSES_JRE=/usr/java;export NSES_JRE (where /usr/java points to the JVM you want SE NSAPI to use).
Note that this will also be the JVM that iWS 6.0 will use (for it's admin console) so be sure to use a JVM version that iWS 6.0 supports. At the time of this writing Sun says that iWS 6.0sp1 added support for JVM 1.3.1. Higher versions of JVM may not be supported by your iWS 6.0 installation, consult Sun's documentation for more details regarding your specific service pack level of iWS 6.0.

With SunONE 6.1, the manner in which you configure the webserver so that SE NSAPI will use a JVM other than the webserver's default one is different than how it's done for iWS/SunONE 6.0.

If you're using Sun ONE 6.1, then here is some information about the JVM it comes with and uses by default, and 1 way to change which JVM is used by an SE NSAPI instance:

SunOne 6.1 webserver comes with JVM 1.4.1_03.
This is specified in: <server-home>/https-<instance-name>/config/server.xml where the javahome variable may be defined with a value such as this (for example):
That version of JVM (and JVM 1.4.0_03 too) has a bug which prevents certain XML parsing code to work properly. For example, in testing we've seen XML parsing tags provided in the JSTL fail with errors such as:
java.lang.VerifyError: Cannot inherit from final class
This problem can be resolved by editing the SunOne server.xml file to use /usr/java as the value of javahome, where /usr/java points to JVM 1.4.2 (or which ever JVM you wish your Sun ONE instance to use).

NOTE: One customer reported that they were able to get SE 4.2 NSAPI working fine with iWS 6.0 (using JDK 1.3.1) on several Solaris boxes, but had problems with the iWS 6.0 failing to startup at all on just one single box (SIGILL). They eventually found the solution themselves and described it as follows:

... If the iPlanet Application Server is installed on the same machine as iPlanet Web Server, an incompatible version of the installed by the Application Server will be called by the iWS Web Server during startup. After renaming this .so, the iWS can now be started up without error.

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