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Faq ID 228
Product JTurbo
Category Miscellaneous
Question How can I obtain and apply existing JTurbo patches ?
Answer JTurbo patches are freely downloadable via anonymous FTP from the New Atlanta FTP Server:
An FTP client could be used to access this server, or in some cases a web browser can be used. Your ability to access this server using a web browser may depend on whether or not you are behind a firewall and/or how your network is setup (setting the browser to allow passive FTP transfers may help in some cases). However you choose to access this FTP Server, once there you should browse to the:
/public/jturbo/<version #>/patch/ folder.
So for example, since JTurbo 3.0.2 does have a patch available, it would be obtained from:
The patch folder contains a ReadMe.txt which you should read in order to learn which bugs the patch fixes. Within the patch folder are subfolders for each JDBC version. Obtain the appropriate JTurbo.jar for the JTurbo JDBC version that you currently have installed. Follow the instructions given in the ReadMe.txt to apply the patch.

Note that in the case of JT 3.0.2, there is actually an even newer patch available on the FTP server under the 3.1 folder. 3.1 is a version of JTurbo that was never released publicly.
Here is the story behind that:
Back when 3.0.2 was the current version, it was thought that the next version after that would be called "3.1". During the time that development work was being done on 3.1 (new features mostly) there was at least 1 customer who needed one of those new features right away. So we made it available on our FTP site as a patch for "3.1"... which basically turns your 3.0.2 into 3.1 with the new features that had been added up that point (listed in the 3.1 patch ReadMe.txt file).
At some point after that, it was decided that the next version of JTurbo would be called "JTurbo 2005" (to match SqlServer 2005). And so the remainder of the JTurbo development for that release cycle was done under the "2005" designation. JTurbo 2005 has since been released and is currently the only version of JTurbo that can be downloaded or purchased from the New Atlanta website.

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