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Faq ID 230
Product JTurbo
Category Connection, Debugging
Question How can I know whether or not my SQL Server is listening on a TCP/IP port ?
Answer Go to:
Start - Programs - Microsoft SQL Server - Server Network Utility (in the Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 program group).
On the general property sheet, Add or select TCP/IP under Network libraries. Enter the port number and the proxy address (if nesessary) and click OK.
By default, Microsoft SQL Server uses port 1433.
However, it can be configured to listen on any port number. To make sure that the RDBMS server is listening on the machine name and port number you specified use:
telnet <hostname or ip address> <port number>
If the connection is refused then the hostname or the port number may be incorrect, or possibly your networking is setup to block traffic on that port (a network firewall for example).

Note that with Win2003 the network libraries for SQL 2000 are disabled by default until you apply SP3/SP3a. This fact is mentioned on a
Google Group Forum
Thanks to Peter Hradecky for locating this information and confirming that it works.

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