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Faq ID 238
Product JTurbo
Category Installation
Question The JTurbo 3.0.2 installer won't run on my Windows 2003 machine. How can I workaround this problem ?
Answer When this problem occurs the JTurbo installer will seem to run fine. But JTurbo won't truly be installed, since the installation folder will not contain any JTurbo components and JTurbo won't show up in Add/Remove programs. The default installation location will be incorrect. It will be of the following "unix-like" form:
The installer will complete, but will notify you that errors occured during installation (even if you had modified the installation path to be more windows-like).
Here is the workaround to this installer limitation:
  1. Right click on the JTurbo installer file and choose Properties
  2. Select the Compatibility tab
  3. check the checkbox labeled Run this program in compatibility mode for
  4. Choose Windows 2000 from the drop-down list
  5. Hit the Apply button and confirm that the changes were accepted
  6. Hit the OK button and then rerun the installer by double-clicking it (if double-clicking it does not seem to work then try running the installer from a command window by typing its name manually)

Once JTurbo has been installed, you must perform the same modification to the JTurbo uninstaller if you want to be able to uninstall JTurbo at a later time without problems. Using JTurbo 3.0.2 for JDBC 2.1 as an example, the JTurbo uninstaller file would be:
D:\Program Files\New Atlanta\JTurbo\Uninstall\Uninstall JTurbo 3.0.2 for JDBC 2.1.exe
So you would need to perform the above steps on that file too. That way when you use Add/Remove programs to remove JTurbo, the JTurbo uninstaller that gets invoked will be able to run properly and do all that it needs to do to get JTurbo completely off the machine.
This problem was corrected in JTurbo 2005.

Note: If this faq does not quite apply in your case, or did not get you past the problem, then please see FAQ #280

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