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Faq ID 240
Product BlueDragon
Category Installation, Supported Features
Question Does BlueDragon run on or at least support integration with iSeries systems (formerly known as AS/400's)?
Answer BlueDragon can both run on and/or integrate with iSeries systems.

First, as far as running CFML on iSeries, you can do that with our J2EE edition. (You can also integrate CFML with iSeries resources using our other editions of BlueDragon, Server and Server JX, as will be discussed later). The J2EE edition runs on any J2EE server or servlet engine. IBM's own WebSphere runs on the iSeries platform (see, and there may be other servlet engines/J2EE servers that run on it as well.

Deploying CFML on J2EE is very easy with BlueDragon. Our documentation on the subject, "Deploying CFML on J2EE Application Servers" is available on our web site in the docs page of our self-help area. Also, our CTO, Charlie Arehart, did an article in the April 2004 ColdFusion Developers Journal called, "Making the Case for CFML on J2EE". It's available on the CFDJ site at

There is also the possibility to integrate from CFML to iSeries data, applications, and components.

First, as may be obvious, you can connect to databases on iSeries using ODBC or JDBC. This (and connecting to applications) is covered in the Dec 2003 CFDJ article, "MX to iSeries Demystified", available at While the author (and the title) suggest it's somehow CFMX-specific, it is not.

As he notes, to connect via ODBC you need the "Client Access for iSeries" tool which is a licensed program from IBM. But you can use it, and he shows how to set up datasources in ODBC and JDBC to connect using that. This would work in BlueDragon as well.

But he also points out the available JTOpen open source driver from IBM, and if you dig into that, you'll learn (at that it can link to more than just databases but also the file system, programs, commands, data queues, printers, jobs, messages, and lots more. The CFDJ article explains how to get and use the tool, and the steps are pretty much the same in BlueDragon.

Still another couple of ways that he doesn't mention are possible, and they're generic to CFML (whether running on BD or CF): you can call Enterprise JavaBeans (running on any J2EE server) using CFOBJECT. Also, you can call a web service on any server using CFINVOKE (and CFOBJECT). These are two generic ways CFML can call any enterprise object on another platform, and they're a powerful possibility for greater enterprise integration. These latter two approaches don't require that you necessarily be running the CFML on the same server as the iSeries.

So as you can see, beyond just running the CFML on iSeries, you may also open tremendous doors of possibility for integrating your CFML with iSeries. We're happy to help you as you explore these possibilities.

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