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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 245
Product BlueDragon
Category HTTP Connections, Known Limitations and Workarounds, Miscellaneous
Question Why do I get the error, "BlueDragonRunTimeEngine License Manager : This product is not licensed for this request"?
Answer This error means you're running BlueDragon in developer mode and trying to trying to access a CFML page from other than the machine on which it's installed (or at least, BlueDragon thinks that's the case, more on that in a moment).

BlueDragon is available as a developer edition, which allows you to test it without expiration, but it's limited to accept requests only from the server on which it's installed. (You can request a license key for a 30-day trial that removes that limit, or you can purchase a license. In either case, you can place the license key into the appropriate place offered in the BlueDragon Admin console or BlueDragon.xml file.)

So if you're trying to browse CFML pages and your request is coming from other than the server on which BlueDragon is installed, you can:

  • browse the pages from the server on which it's installed
  • use terminal services or SSH, etc., to connect to the server on which it's installed and browse pages from there
  • or install a trial or production license key

Finally, note that the problem may also be you ARE trying to run it from the server on which it's installed but in your URL you're using something other than or localhost. For instance, if your machine is called "test", you may find that using that in the domain name still fails. Try changing to use either localhost of

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