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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 251
Product BlueDragon
Category Admin Console, Supported Features
Question Why don't I see any output trace information when using CFTRACE?
Answer One of the new features in BlueDragon 6.2 is support for CFTRACE, as introduced in CFMX. As in CFMX, it can be used such as in <cftrace text="sometext"> which can cause a line such as this to be written to the debugging output:

[CFTRACE ] [[pathtofile] @ line: 1] - sometext

This output will of course be shown only if debugging output is enabled in the BlueDragon admin console. But more than that, there is a specific option in the the admin console (debugging>settings page) labelled "trace points", which must also be checked. If "trace points" is not enabled, CFTRACE tags are ignored.

For those new to CFTRACE, note as well that output can be written to the page itself at the point of the CFTRACE (rather than in the debugging output) by adding INLINE="yes" as an attribute of the CFTRACE. This option also still requires that the debugging output (and trace points) options be enabled.

Note that this means that CFTRACE can be left in a page even in production, since they create no output if debugging is disabled.

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