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Faq ID 254
Product BlueDragon
Category DataSource
Question Why can't I update an Access database with BlueDragon for the Microsoft .NET Framework?
Answer When trying to update an Access database using BlueDragon/.NET, you may receive the error: "Operation must use an updateable query". This is a problem not caused by BlueDragon but instead the .NET framework. Indeed, the problem is discussed in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article,;en-us;316675.

The simplest solution may be to edit the security properties for the MDB file (using Windows Explorer, right-click on the MDB file, choose properties, then the "security" tab). Add the ASP.NET acccount (or "everyone") as a user (choose "add", then "advanced", then "find now", and select "ASPNET" or "everyone"), and give that user "modify" and "write" permissions.

You could also set this security not just at the file (mdb) level but at the directory level, for the directory holding this file (or other files) that you want to edit in a .NET web application (such as BlueDragon/.NET).

If you have opened the file in a currently running instance of BlueDragon or ColdFusion (or Access) before making that change, you'll see that the directory where the MDB is stored will now have an LDB file of the same name. In this case, the change you've made won't take effect until you restart whatever app(s) had opened the file (which will release this LDB lock file and make it disappear). In the case of BlueDragon/.NET, you'd want to restart IIS (or restart the web application, as discussed in the BlueDragon/.NET documentation) to make that LDB file go away.

Once the file is gone, the change to security will take effect and the next refresh of the page doing the database update should work as expected.

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