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Faq ID 255
Product BlueDragon
Category General Info, Installation, Web Server Support
Question BlueDragon is not working on my Windows 2003 machine. I get "The system cannot find the path specified" error. Would a previous installation of CFMX be a factor in this problem?

The CFMX installer creates a "WildCard Application Mapping" in IIS 6 (and even leaves it there after an uninstall of CFMX!).
This effectively blocks requests from ever being passed to BlueDragon.
IIS continues to pass requests over to a CFMX installation that's not there anymore (yuck!)
Look in your IIS management and remove any wildcard application mappings to ColdFusion.

Here is one way to make that configuration change (with IIS 6 for example):

  1. Right-click on "My Computer" and choose "manage"
  2. In the lower-left corner, expand the "Services and Applications" node
  3. Expand the "Internet Information Services" node
  4. Right-click the "Web Sites" node and open it's Properties
  5. Go to the "Home Directory" tab
  6. Click the "Configuration..." button
  7. At the bottom of that dialog, select and remove any Wildcard mappings.

With the wildcard in place, all requests are still being routed to CFMX "jrun_iis6_wildcard.dll".

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