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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 265
Product ServletExec
Category VM Support
Question Does SE 5.0 support JVM 1.5 (also called JVM 5.0 or J2SE 5.0) ?
Answer Yes. As of 2.10.2005, this has been tested and found to work fine on Windows. It will also work on Unix if you use the SE installer [the name of that installer is ""].

If for some reason you cannot use that Unix installer, and must instead use the SE 5.0 Unix installer [], then some extra effort is required. Here are the steps to getting SE 5.0 (not installed and running on a Unix machine:
  1. The installer will ask you where your JVM resides. If you point it to JVM 1.5, the installer will abort. To get past this, setup a symbolic link of /usr/java that points to JVM 1.3 or JVM 1.4 and when the installer asks you for where your JVM resides, tell it /usr/java This way the installer should complete normally. Then you can change the /usr/java link to point to your JVM 1.5 installation.
    Note: The point for using a symbolic link is so that you don't have to edit any files.
  2. The StartServletExec script that the installer creates for starting your SE AS instance will exit if it detects that it's being asked to run with JVM 1.5. You can correct that script by editing one line as follows:
    $JR -version 2>&1 | egrep '1.2|1.3|1.4' > /dev/null
    $JR -version 2>&1 | egrep '1.3|1.4|1.5' > /dev/null

Please note that beginning with JVM 1.5, "enum" is now a reserved word. This means that if you have code that uses "enum" for the name of any variable, that code won't compile with JVM 1.5. Since JSPs are compiled by the servlet engine, a JSP that uses "enum" won't compile under JVM 1.5. Such code will run under JVM 1.5, but won't compile using JVM 1.5. JVM 1.5 may have other such quirks that you may discover when trying to use it. There is nothing that ServletExec can do to effect JVM requirements like this.

You shold also read FAQ #338

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