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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 272
Product BlueDragon
Category Exceptions, Supported Features, System Requirements
Question I'm having problems using CFMAIL in the BlueDragon/J2EE edition on some servers, such as Tomcat 5. What does "NoClassDefFoundError" mean?
Answer If you attempt to use CFMAIL when deployed on Tomcat 5 (and Jetty, it seems), it will fail with a NoClassDefFoundError. The problem is that Tomcat 5 simply doesn't include the necessary javamail (and "beans activation framework") libraries that CFMAIL relies on.

You can obtain these libraries (jars) from, then move the needed mail.jar and activation.jar files into the the WEB-INF/lib directory a your web application (and restart your web application). If you want to solve the problem for all web applications, you need to move it to the appropriate place for the J2EE server/servlet engine you are using.

For Tomcat 5, you can place it into either the $CATALINA_BASE/shared/lib or the jre/lib/ext folder of the JDK location being used by Tomcat (or other J2EE servers).

(Appendix I of the "Deploying CFML on J2EE Servers" manual in the 6.2 documentation set incorrectly states that the mail.jar and activation.jar can be found in the WEB-INF/opt directory of the BlueDragon web app. That is not true.)

You can also find more on these issues at:

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