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Faq ID 274
Product BlueDragon
Category General Info
Question How can I get the Macromedia Example applications to run with BlueDragon?
Answer The Macromedia example CFML applications (which come with CF4, 5, and MX) can be used to demonstrate CFML running on BlueDragon. We do not provide these examples, but if you have installed ColdFusion 5 or MX on your machine, and you chose to install the example applications, they can be found at /cfdocs/exampleapps/index.cfm in your web site's document root.

If you do not already have a datasource defined for ExampleApps, create one and point to the database file as appropriate for your operating system. In the case of CF5 on Windows, the cfexamples.mdb can be found in C:\CFusion\database. For CFMX on Windows, it can be found in C:\CFusionMX\db.

The CF 5 examples will for the most part run unchanged.

On CFMX, the examples do require a change to one file to remove reference to the undocumented coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory class which BlueDragon does not support. See /cfdocs/exampleapps/global_vars.cfm, which is included from the exampleapps/application.cfm file. You can comment out all the CFSCRIPT lines following = "ExampleApps";
and then ensure just the following lines are not commented: = "ucase"; = true;
If you're not on Windows, then the values should be: = "ucase"; = false;
Other than that, most of the examples will run, which is a useful way to demonstrate standard CFML running on BlueDragon. Some of the examples do use tags or functions that are not supported. See the BlueDragon CFML Compatibility Guide for more information on unsupported CFML features.

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