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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 276
Product BlueDragon
Category Web Application, Web Server Support
Question My Bluedragon-enabled .NET Webapp deletes or renames folders on the hard-drive and the performance is slow. Why?
Answer In any .NET webapp (BD-enabled or not) if you delete or rename a folder within the webapp, the ASP .NET framework will reload the .NET webapp. This causes Bluedragon (and all code running inside it) to be reloaded, which is clearly a drag on performance. Currently we know of no way to prevent the ASP .NET framework from reloading a .NET webapp in this manner.
For more details please see section 7.1.2 of BlueDragon_70_Deploying_CFML_on_ASP_NET.pdf entitled "Automatic Stopping/Restarting of .NET Web Applications".

In version 7.0 of that document, the relevant section is 7.1.2

BD FAQ #285 may also be of interest.

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