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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 287
Product BlueDragon
Category Admin Console, Version differences
Question Do I need to apply hotfixes if I just downloaded the latest version?
Answer Between releases of BlueDragon we may roll up several bug fixes into a "hotfix". Such hotfixes are NOT incorporated into the downloadable version of the product, until we come out with a new point release. For instance, for the 6.2 edition, we came out with hotfixes (for all BlueDragon editions) in May and August 2005, and until the next point release (6.2.1), there will be no update to the installer.

So, yes, you still need to apply hotfixes even if you just downloaded the "latest" version, assuming there are any hotfixes to apply. They are listed at

If you haven't taken the time to apply those updates, we recommend you do. As the page points out, it's only necessary to apply the latest hotfix (if more than one exists), because the hotfixes are cumulative.

In order to determine whether you need the update, you may need to determine what release of BlueDragon you're currently running. See FAQ #286.

Applying a hotfix is quick and painless. The readme.txt file associated with the hotfix zip file for each edition (and operating system) explains the steps needed to apply the update. It's just a matter of stopping BlueDragon (or the J2EE or .NET server), copying/renaming one or more files as directed (never more than a few), and then restarting and confirming the new release.

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