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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 289
Product BlueDragon
Category General Info, Version differences
Question Does New Atlanta plan to support the features in CFMX 7 in BlueDragon?
Answer Yes, New Atlanta is investigating features to be added for our BlueDragon 7 release, scheduled for later in 2006. Whether and when we implement specific ColdFusion ® MX 7 features will be determined by the reaction of the overall ColdFusion community to the new features and--most importantly--the feedback we get from BlueDragon customers and prospects.

It's worth noting that some features added in CFMX 7 (and 7.01) are things that BlueDragon has long had:

  • sourceless deployment (we've had it since BlueDragon 3.1, and we've added an expiration date enhancement in 6.2)
  • deployment on OS X in standalone mode (we've had that since 2003)
  • standard WAR file deployment, with no post-deployment wizard (since 2002)
  • passing XSTL parameters on XMLTransform() (since 2004)
  • proper support of cgi.path_info (see this BlueDragon blog entry)
  • and more
Still, we realize people are looking for some of the things CFMX 7 has added which BlueDragon still has not.

Note that many of the features can be made available now on BlueDragon (and indeed ColdFusion MX 6) by way of calls to underlying Java libraries or tools that CFMX 7 merely wraps up into tags. This may permit some to enable the functionality on their own at least until we determine which we will add and when we will add them.

For instance, PDF generation in CFMX 7 is done using the iText java library and related tools, which can be called from within CFML using CFOBJECT. The reporting is done via JasperReports, also callable right now from CFML. (For those interested in Reporting solutions, see FAQ 322).

And the Flash forms feature leverages a subset of Flex (Macromedia's XML-based Flash generator) which has been embedded into CFMX 7. While we won't be embedding Flex into BlueDragon (the licensing costs would be prohibitive), most of the same kind of components can be generated using OpenLaszlo, another XML-based Flash generator that actually predates Flex. That can be used with BlueDragon right now, and we are investigating bundling Laszlo into BlueDragon in the future. Laszlo Release 3 adds still more powerful capabilities that we hope to leverage. See FAQ 290 for more information on integrating BlueDragon and Flash today.

Further, many may not really want *Flash* forms particularly, but just more effective user interfaces (grids, calendars, accordions, and such) without complicated programming and without reliance on Java (as CFFORM does prior to CFMX 7). Many of these interface controls are available in a variety of free and commercial packages, which can be easily integrated into CFML (and those using BlueDragon.NET can leverage ASP.NET's powerful forms features). Also, many of those leverage Ajax functionality, which can certainly integrate with CFML on BlueDragon. Look for more information to come from us on these possibilities. In particular, see this blog entry on a unique option available right now.

As for the Event Gateway, New Atlanta had started work on an equivalent feature and stopped when we heard CFMX 7 would add one. Like other feature, we want to wait and see what the community (and our customers) think of the various approaches Macromedia has followed in adding these features, so that we give our customers the best experience and the greatest value.

As for the application.cfc, that's something that can be simulated using the event handlers of the servlet API (on Servlets 2.3 compliant engines) or via the global.asax file on .NET.

If you wish to express an opinion for features you're interested, you can contact

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