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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 290
Product BlueDragon
Category Supported Features
Question Is it possible to integrate BlueDragon and Flash?
Answer Absolutely. There are several ways to integrate BlueDragon and Flash. See the BlueDragon 7.1 User Guide, section 5.2.4, for information on integrating BlueDragon with Flash, Flash Remoting, and other Flash Integration. It's possible, right now, to create Flash clients that call CFML pages (or CFCs) running on BlueDragon, using either calls for name/value pairs, XML, web services, integration via Flash Remoting, or using Flex.

Also, see FAQ 289 for a discussion of our plans to support Flash Forms as enabled in CFMX 7.

Furthermore, there are several alternatives from third parties that provide alternatives to Macromedia solutions like Flex (OpenLaszlo) and Flash Remoting (like FlashOrb/WebOrb), as discussed in those resources above.

Beyond Flash, another alternative for creating enhanced user interfaces is Ajax. It is certainly possible to call CFML pages on BlueDragon using Ajax, and there are several implementations of AJAX api's available. Indeed, a new version of FlashOrb (renamed WebOrb) provides built-in Ajax mechanisms that can be easily added to HTML pages (or CFML pages that generate HTML) and those can interact with CFML pages and CFCs running on BlueDragon. For more, including examples and a free trial, , see

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