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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 291
Product BlueDragon
Category General Info, Known Limitations and Workarounds
Question Can I generate PDFs in BlueDragon?
Answer Yes, it's possible right now to generate PDFs in BlueDragon, any number of ways. Some are commercial products, though with free trial editions. Others are free but require slightly more work, typically using CFOBJECT to call a Java library.

  • CF_PDF, a free custom tag which generates PDF. Sample code is included in the comments for the custom tag. Note that its FILE attribute requires a full path to the output file to create.
  • CFX_PDF, a commercial tag which, while currently protected using CFENCODE, will soon be available using BlueDragon approach to protecting code. Contact Charlie for more information.
  • FOP, a free Java library for generating PDFs among other things. The link provided is to a CFDJ article on integrating it with CFML. See the "feedback" link at the bottom of the article to find comments made by New Atlanta CTO, Charlie Arehart, on how to integrate that approach in BlueDragon.
  • HTML2PDF, a commercial solution (which is based on HTMLDOC
  • iText, a free java library which can be used and called from within BlueDragon CFML pages using CFOBJECT

It may be useful to note, as well, that if you already have a PDF and want to fill it in using the FDF feature of PDF, you can do that from within CFML, as this tip explains (thanks Dale Smith for pointing that out).

Additional FAQs or docs may be developed to expand on the details of using one or more of these alternatives.

Additionally, see FAQ 289 for more information on adding CFMX 7's specific tags for supporting features like PDF generation. But as this FAQ explains, you don't need to wait for that if you need these features now.

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