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ServletExec Self-Help: FAQ
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Faq ID 304
Product BlueDragon
Category Admin Console, Exceptions, Supported Features
Question Does BlueDragon support the notion of limiting the execution time of CFML pages?
Answer BlueDragon does not support page execution timeouts in all the same ways developers may expect from their experience with ColdFusion.

First, BlueDragon does not currently support an admin console setting to "Timeout Requests" for all pages.

Second, like CFMX, BlueDragon does not support the use of RequestTimeout as a query string.

The .NET edition of BlueDragon does support the new CFSETTING RequestTimeout attribute, which was introduced in CFMX. If a CFML page on BlueDragon/.Net gets the .NET error, "Request timed out", this can be resolved by adding the CFSETTING tag (or increasing its timeout value) either on the page that's timing out or in the application.cfm (to affect all pages in that application).

Also note that by default, the page timeout for all .NET web pages is 90 seconds. This is imposed by the .NET framework, not BlueDragon. It can be configured in the Web.config (or Machine.config) file by using in the executionTimeout attribute of the <httpRuntime> element. For example:

  <httpRuntime executionTimeout="720" />

Finally, the Java editions of BlueDragon do not support the CFSETTING attribute RequestTimeOut attribute. Indeed, they simply ignore it if used. As such, in the Java editions of BlueDragon, there is currently no way to limit execution time for a CFML page.

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